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October 2015 Remington Giveaway
Keith W. from Jacksonville, FL
September 2015 Ruger/SilencerCo Giveaway
Lawrence C. from Victoria, TX
August 2015 FN FNS-9 Giveaway
Mike M. from Tucson, AZ
July 2015 Ruger Mini-14 Giveaway
David B. from Fallon, NV
June 2015 CZ Scorpion Giveaway
Mark N from Colony, TX
May 2015 Glock 43 Giveaway
Russ H. from Glendale, AZ
April 2015 CZ Scorpion Giveaway
Alec M. From Charlotte, NC
March 2015 Bushmaster AR-15 Giveaway
Steve M. from Cincinnati, OH
February 2015 ATI GSG STG-44 Giveaway
Patrick W. from Henrietta, TX
January 2015 Arsenal SLR Giveaway
Raymond S. from Breckenridge, TX
December 2014 Ruger Gunsite Giveaway
John F. from Phoenix, AZ
November 2014 Browning X-Bolt Giveaway
Gary D. from Plano, TX