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GrabAGun.com-The Premier Source for Guns Online

Well known for our great prices, an extensive inventory of fine quality firearms and accessories, GrabAGun really endeavors to satisfy. As gun enthusiasts ourselves, we know what gun owners expect, and we strive to deliver the best service and products available.

We understand the importance of a young boy’s first gun, the thrill of the hunt with a reliable weapon, the achievement of a dream in the winning of a competition and the lives that depend upon the accuracy of a duty weapon or the home defender.

GrabAGun provides guns for all types of gun owners, and we provide firearms for sale beyond our online inventory. Check with us before you purchase, we will locate any available firearm not on our inventory list and provide you with the GrabAGun savings.

We offer a tremendous line of name brand and other quality guns for sale, with shipments arriving daily. Our line of fine quality weapons include Beretta, Browning, Bushmaster, Colt, Remington, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield and many more.

GrabAGun also offers an extensive inventory of accessories and parts for repair, and customizing firearms. You will find scopes, rails, pistol grips, gun holsterstactical shotgun accessories and much more.

Our goal is to provide the product you want at a great price, in a timely manner, and keep you doing what you love to do best, indoors or out, in the wild or on the shooting range.

We have new stock arriving daily, so if you don’t find what you want click on the ‘Wishlist’ option, or give us a call. We will be glad to help you.

When you want quality that you can rely upon and service you can trust GrabAGun.com is the premier source for guns for sale online.

Beretta Guns

GrabAGun.com Has Beretta Guns

When it comes to fine quality guns for sale Beretta guns takes the lead. From the design and engineering, to the manufacture and testing, Beretta maintains strictly regulated standards to ensure excellence from the design to the firing range.

Beretta Guns produces first quality firearms depended upon by individuals, competition shooters including Olympian Gold Medalists, as well as hunters, law enforcement and security personnel, and the U. S. military. Beretta goes beyond an enduring and reliable weapon that performs, and creates some of the world’s most beautiful premium class of firearms treasured by even the most discriminating of collectors. Beretta’s Premium shotguns are superior heirloom quality, with handmade features, a custom fit to your individual measurements, and custom hand engravings so exquisite, they are without question true artistic expression by master craftsmen of the highest skill.

Beretta is known worldwide for its expansive selection of quality firearms for sale including over-and-under shotguns, side-by-side-shotguns, assault rifles, express rifles, hunting rifles, submachine guns, lever and bolt-action rifles, single and double action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.

With 500 years of experience, Beretta is the world’s oldest gun manufacturer and consistently takes the lead in developing cutting edge technologies, providing greater accuracy, reduced recoil, simplified maintenance and versatility and increased comfort in a weapon created to last for generations. When other manufacturers decline to do so in the current economic environment, Beretta confidently forges ahead with innovative advances that are revolutionizing the guns industry and improving the experience on the range, on the job and in the field.

Whatever your need, Beretta has a firearm for every purpose, with the reliability, accuracy, quality, performance and versatility that you are looking for in a brand you can trust. When you will settle for nothing less than the very best, Beretta Guns is the choice for you.

CHL Class

CHL Dallas

GrabAGun’s certified and experienced instructors continue to provide our popular and affordable Concealed Handgun License Course (CHL).

Space is limited so please call now to register for one of our upcoming classes at 972-552-7246.

Have your Texas Driver’s License or Texas Identification Card ready to register.

Class Schedule:

  • November 23
  • December 28

The CHL Course Fee is $69 per student. Fee is for the course only and is not refundable if you are denied your CHL by the State.

Exam and Shooting Qualification:

The student will have to score 72% (18/25.) on a written (multiple choice and T/F) test and 70% (175/250) on a shooting proficiency test. While some classes of individuals may qualify for exemption from the proficiency test, no exemptions will be allowed.

For the classroom portion the student should bring:

  1. Pen (and highlighter if desired)
  2. Drinks/snacks (if desired)
  3. Small notebook (if desired)
  4. Texas Driver’s License or Texas ID Card (for verification)

Shooting Qualification:

All handguns must be in good working order and capable of firing at least 6 shots without reloading. The student must be familiar with their handgun. There is no time allocated for zeroing handguns in class.

Pursuant to HB3142, signed into law by Governor Perry 6-14-2013,  if a student qualifies with a revolver their CHL will also qualify them to carry a semi-automatic weapon.

    1. Revolver OR semi-automatic
    2. Firearm caliber must be .38 Special or larger to qualify
    3. At least 50 rounds of ammunition for the gun. If the student fails to qualify the first time, more rounds will be needed.

Each qualification consumes 50 rounds. Extra rounds are also useful in case of a miss-fire.  No reloaded ammunition will be allowed and no aluminum cased ammo.

  1. Eye protection
  2. Over the ear hearing protection (muff type) that cover ear and area behind ear
  3. Head cover – baseball cap with bill
  4. Footwear must cover entire foot (no sandals or flip-flops)

Bring the UNLOADED handgun to class in a gun case, box, range bag, gym bag, grocery bag, or anything that allows you to transport the gun from your car to class without a hand coming in contact with the gun. Ammunition must be in the original manufactures box. When coming to the class, leave the gun and ammunition in the car until you are instructed to bring them into the class. Do not handle any firearms until told to do so.

Eligibility Requirements for Texas CHL:

  1. Legal resident of Texas
  2. Age 21 (unless active duty or honorability discharged US military then 18)
  3. Never convicted of a FELONY
  4. Not charged with class A or B MISDEMEANOR or FELONY
  5. Must not be chemically dependent (including Alcohol)
  6. Capability of exercising sound judgment
  7. Not convicted of class A or B MISDEMEANOR (or disorderly conduct) in last 5 years
  8. Must be able to purchase handgun (under state and federal laws)
  9. No delinquent payments to State of Texas including taxes and child support
  10. Not subject to a protective or restraining order involving a person
  11. Not convicted of felony grade juvenile delinquent conduct in last 10 years

The state of Texas charges $140.00 for a CHL (regardless of approval or denial). Seniors (60+) will be charged $70, and honorable discharged veterans within one year of discharge are free and after one year after discharge are charged $25.00.