Winchester Repeating Arms

Makers of the “gun that won the West”

History of Winchester Repeating Arms

From 1866 to today, the Winchester Repeating Arms company story is deeply intertwined with American history. In 1873, Oliver Winchester created the 1873 rifle, also known as “the gun that won the West,” which would become one of the most iconic American firearms of all time. It was even used by legends such as Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill (who called the rifle “the boss”).

Then, in 1918, Winchester helped arm Britain against Germany in the First World War by shipping them 47,000 Model 1918 Browning rifles, and a lot of ammunition. Later, the Winchester name would impact WWII history when the M1 Garand was produced. General George S. Patton called it “the greatest battle implement ever devised.”

Fast forward to the present day: in 2006, Winchester teamed up with Browning, who would take over the manufacturing side of producing Winchester rifles and shotguns. Soon after, the game-changing Super X3 autoloading shotgun hit the market. With improved shooting reliability due to its self-adjusting Active Valve gas system, the Super X line shows how the Winchester legacy continues to produce front-runner, groundbreaking firearms and ammunition.

Winchester Guns for Sale

GrabAGun is proud to carry all of your favorite firearms online. Buy Winchester’s trusted guns and ammunition, including:

Winchester Super-X Shotguns

Winchester’s Super-X shotguns have one of the greatest reputations for speed and reliability in the shotgun world. People love using them as sporting shotguns, and with their excellent design and endless variants and finishes, they also look amazing in the gun case, on your wall, and, of course, in the field.

What started with the original “Super” autoloader X3 has now been upgraded to the superior Super X4. With even smoother swinging and faster cycling, the Super X4 is known for being one of the quickest cycling autoloader shotguns for sale. It's elegant, functional, extremely durable, and it can handle the worst the outdoors can throw at it. The SX4 gives you the next generation’s features with the ergonomic benefits of the X3. A favorite at GrabAGun is the Super X4 Hybrid Hunter Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat. Its gorgeous finish gives you extra stealth in the field and power where you need it most.

With the Super X Pump (SXP), you can hold the fastest pump-action shotgun in existence—its rapid follow-up allows up to 3 shots in .5 seconds! This insane follow-up action uses innovative inertia assistance to ensure that your weapon delivers every single time. And, on top of all that efficiency, its lightweight build and ergonomics give it serious pointability. Don’t miss out on this exclusive shotgun—get it today for the best gun deals online at GrabAGun!

A favorite SXP at GrabAGun is the Winchester SXP Long Beard—Mossy Oak Break-Up Country. With a pistol grip stock featuring spacers that allow for adjusting your length of pull and comb height, this shotgun is perfect for challenging turkey hunts when you’re trying to nail that trophy tom. When looking for a fast pump-action shotgun that will hold up for long hours of hunting, the SXP is the only way to go.

The tough but gorgeous over and under Model 101 shotgun is a time-tested classic for many reasons. For starters, it’s got very low recoil due to the wide surfaces (especially of the hinge) and the comfortable recoil-absorbing Pachmayr® Decelerator® recoil pad with a no-snag heel. And, its chrome-plated chambers and bores mean it will last a long time with a ton of use. Ease of use is increased by its advanced low-profile design. Plus, the Model 101 features gorgeous wood accents and metal scrollwork. The legendary 101, which can be found online at GrabAGun’s firearms store, is a piece of quality hardware that keeps on giving.

Winchester Online Ammo

Winchester was one of the first companies to truly bring together firearms and ammo manufacturing. This innovation, along with their position as an ammunition supplier for the United States U.S. Army Modular Handgun System (MHS) program, show that Winchester is a source you can trust for reliable handgun, shotgun, and rifle ammunition.

Powerful Shotgun Ammunition

Super-X (X12RS15) ammunition meets the needs of both sport shooters and hunters alike with its versatility and reliability. Considerable quality since 1922, Winchester Super-X slugs are full bore rifled and hollow point. With its impressive stopping power and tremendous energy, you simply can’t beat Winchester’s superior slug performance.

The Super-X (XU128) small game slugs are excellent for dropping small game. Each round makes for tight grouping and limited recoil and features the 209 Primer, heavy shot charge, and one-piece hinged wad. Designed for demanding hunters, the Super-X small game slugs will consistently deliver power and excellence. Don’t get caught with inferior ammo—upgrade your collection today with this superior online ammo from GrabAGun.

Accurate Rifle Ammo

The USA White Box ammo delivers high velocity with low recoil; a straight-walled cartridge for the serious sport shooter or hunter. It’s got about 20% less recoil than 243 Win. and 20% better penetration. Plus, it even provides more energy than 30-30 Win., .223 Rem., or .300 Blackout ammo. The “USA White Box” is a long-standing signal of consistency and performance at an outstanding value. Perfect for a variety of hunter and shooter’s needs, the Winchester USA Rifle Ammo Brass 6.5 Creedmoor 20-Round 120 Grain Open Tip Range can be found for the best price online at GrabAGun.

If you’re looking for the perfect load to take down big bucks, then look no further. The Deer Season XP .300AAC Blackout 150 Grain (X303BLKDS) was specially designed for deer hunting and features an extreme bullet point with a large diameter polymer tip that delivers intense power and trauma. This load’s accuracy and impact will surely help you take home that prized buck, and when you buy ammo online from GrabAGun you’ll be taking home the best deals online, too.

Winchester’s Match ammunition is the definition of accuracy. Tailored to the serious marksman, these long-range bullets feature a smooth bullet profile, large boattail, and small hollow point. Constructed for rifles with fast twist barrels, the Match-style bullet delivers proven performance and extreme accuracy. No matter the conditions, every shot you take with Winchester’s Match rifle ammo will deliver. You can find your own Match-grade rifle ammo online with GrabAGun’s Winchester Match 6.5 Creedmoor 140GR BTHP 20Rds, the perfect upgrade for accuracy.