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The birth of the semi-automatic rifle dates back to the late 19th century. The earliest known successful semi-automatic rifle design is attributed to the German gunsmith Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher who revealed his design in 1885. The U.S. military became the first military in the world to issue a semi-automatic rifle to infantry with the M1 Garand invented by Canadian John Garand in 1934. The Garand M1 remained popular semi-automatic rifles for sale through the 1950s, saw use through 1968 in the Vietnam War and is still in use today by the Philippine Army.

Firearms technology has improved greatly since those early rifles with lighter weight, increased comfort, reduced recoil, improved accuracy and reliability, while modular design and versatility has become a highly desired feature driving the firearms market and new technologies in precision built semi-automatic rifles for sale.

Today, semi-automatic rifles are the weapons of choice for hunters, for target practice rifles, among competition shooters such as those in the National Rifle Matches, property and perimeter protection and varmint control as well as among tactical enthusiasts. Whatever your need, GrabAGun carries a large selection of semi-automatic rifles for sale.

The semi-automatic is the popular weapon of choice where accuracy matters. As the number of hunters using modular semi-automatic rifles continues to grow, manufacturers are responding with firearms developed with the challenges and needs of a hunter in mind. By incorporating new technologies into the dedicated hunting rifle, greater accuracy and reliability, as well as improved comfort are provided.

Likewise, those who select a semi-automatic rifle for property and perimeter protection frequently select models providing the necessary modularity that enables the use of accessories such as lights and laser. Competition shooters will find a selection of semi-automatic rifles designed for matches that provide the accuracy and reliability required to give them an edge. Our match rifles availability meet service rifle requirements for competition shooter sports. If you fail to find the required rifle for your sport, we can order the rifle you require to meet your sports specifications and will apply the GrabAGun discount.

For those selecting a semi-automatic rifle for home protection, popular models provide shorter lengths enabling improved maneuverability in the tight confines of the home. Designs that provide modularity enable the use of lights and laser as well as other accessories to ensure a violent intruder is accurately targeted, or even temporarily disabled with the blinding glare of a light.

The GrabAGun inventory includes brands such as Auto Ordnance, Beretta, Browning, Bushmaster, Colt, Henry Repeating Arms, Marlin, Palmetta State Armory, Remington, Ruger, Savage and Thompson Center to name just a few in the line of our quality semi-automatic rifles for sale.

From practice rifles to big game safari semi-automatics, GrabAGun carries the semi-automatic rifles for sale that you want. If you fail to find the gun you desire, give our helpful customer service agents a call, we will be happy to order the semi-automatic rifle you seek and apply the GrabAGun discount pricing we are known for.

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