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Sellier & Bellot

Global, high-quality ammunitions manufacturing

History of Sellier and Bellot

Founded in 1825 by Louis Sellier, a German businessman of French origins, Sellier’s original factory began manufacturing percussion caps for infantry firearms in Prague. Soon thereafter, Jean Maria Nicolaus Bellot joined and helped the company to quickly gain momentum. In 1830, manufacturing was in excess of 60 million and peaked later in 1837 at the enormous quantity of 156 million caps. 30 years later they began producing pin-primer cartridge cases and cartridges, even extending to copper primers.

Sellier and Bellot grew in popularity because of their proven reliability and quality. They have received the ISO 9001 certification, and though the company was acquired by CBC of Brazil in 2009, they continue to produce quality munitions under the Sellier and Bellot name—a name that has become synonymous with incredible quality, reliability, and performance.

Sellier and Bellot Ammo for Sale

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Sellier and Bellot Pistol / Revolver Ammo

When you’re looking for high-quality training and range ammunition, look no further than the Sellier & Bellot 9MM 124Gr FMJ 50Rds. A box features 50 rounds of dependable cartridges, each with a speed of 1181 fps and an energy of 382 ft/lbs. The full metal jacket and standard lead core with a metallic jacket make these ideal practice rounds. Another dependable option is the Sellier & Bellot Centerfire Handgun Brass .45 ACP 230-Grain 50-Rounds FMJ. Featuring a speed of 853 fps and an energy of 371 ft/lb, these will make any day at the range fun.

Sellier and Bellot Rifle Ammo Match

Sellier and Bellot’s Match grade ammunition is specifically designed for sport shooting. These hollow point, boat-tail bullets are considered the finest in consistency and accuracy. The tip of the cartridge provides a hollow expansion for better airflow, a led core, and a boattail bottom for excellent ballistics and superb accuracy. The best example of this is the Sellier & Bellot Match .338Lapua 300Gr HPBT 10Rds. It has a speed of 2713 fps and an energy of 4903 ft/lb, the perfect option for competition shooting or even clawed game hunting. The best deals for ammo online can be found at GrabAGun.

Sellier and Bellot Rifle Ammo SP

Not all hunting ammo is made the same and the SP line from Sellier and Bellot proves that. A semi-jacketed soft point bullet with a lead core and a precisely engineered jacket means controlled expansion and high-weight retention. For extreme performance at an affordable price, the Sellier and Bellot Rifle .223 Rem 55-Grain 20-Rounds SP is one to choose. Featuring a speed of 3301 fps with an energy of 1330 ft/lbs, these rounds will never disappoint.

Sellier and Bellot Rifle Ammo SPCE

The SPCE line provides truly terminal performance in real-world situations. GrabAGun customers consistently choose the Sellier and Bellot Centerfire Rifle Brass .30-60 Springfield 150 Grain 20-Rounds SPCE because of the unmatched display. Each cartridge has a speed of 2953 fps and an energy of 2903 ft/lbs. Designed with a semi-jacketed soft point cutting edge bullet, the cutting edge actually locks the jacket and lead core together. The result is a clean entrance wound with distinct, easy-to-follow blood trails.

Sellier and Bellot Shotgun Shells

Hard-hitting and reliable—that’s exactly what you get with a Sellier and Bellot Shotgun shell. Whether you're blasting away at the range or stocking up for later, the Sellier and Bellot Buckshot 12Ga 00 Buck 25-Rounds won’t let you down. With powerful shells delivering a speed of 1214 fps and an energy of 238 ft/lbs, picking up a box of these is never a bad idea. GrabAGun offers some of the best deals on ammunition, as well as flat-rate shipping, so don’t wait!

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