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SDS Imports

Bringing the finest firearms to everyone

History of SDS Imports

SDS Imports is an importer of 1911 firearms, shotguns, and more. They are dedicated to bringing in quality products for the everyday user. Based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, SDS Imports is here to provide the best products, as well as the best service.

SDS Imports Guns For Sale

Finding the best firearm for your needs just got easier. GrabAGun carries all your favorite SDS Imports finds, including their 1911 pistols, shotguns, and more.

SDS Imports 1911 Handguns

The SDS Imports 1911 A1 US Army Pistol is a reproduction of the finest US Military service pistol. The 1911 is a specific style of pistol that has remained a classic for millions. With the same durability and power you’d expect from a 1911, this firearm features a hammer-forged barrel, durable military finish, and a 7-round magazine chambered in .45 ACP. It also comes equipped with GI-style sights, a flared/lowered ejection port, as well as Series 70 Internals. For a reliable 1911 handgun at an affordable price, GrabAGun has you covered.

There were many different variations of the 1911 that have been replicated. The SDS Imports B45 .45 ACP is a modernized and upgraded version of the venerable 1911 pistol. It comes equipped with a 5-inch hammer-forged chrome-plated barrel, 3-dot Novakc cut style combat sights, and an extended ambidextrous safety lever. This is a full-sized frame with a trigger undercut and M1913 rail for plenty of customization options. One magazine loads 8-rounds chambered in .45 ACP for a powerful and performance-driven firearm.

Another modernized and upgraded Venerable 1911 option is the SDS Imports 1911 Carry Stainless. Perfect for everyday carry purposes, this pistol is made to be reliable in any situation. Make it exactly as you want with a full-sized frame with a trigger undercut and M1913 rail. It features a full-sized slide with forward serrations, 3-dot Novack cut style combat sights, an extended beavertail grip safety, and series 70 internals for a truly reliable firearm. Plus the stainless steel finish makes it look incredible. GrabAGun has 1911 handguns for sale that you can rely on.

SDS Imports PX-9 Handguns

For high performance and consistency, the SDS Imports PX-9 handgun is what you need. Designed to be reliable and durable in any condition, this pistol features a hammer-forged frame/slide, an integrated M1913 Picatinny rail, and adjustable rear sights. The sights are actually S&W dovetail cuts, so target acquisition happens easily. This is great for everyday carry, target practice, or to just have in your collection. With an 18-round magazine that is chambered in 9mm, you’ll also be able to find ammo online easily.

SDS Imports Shotguns

If a home defense shotgun is something you want, then look no further than the SDS Imports BLP M12PT. This is a semi-automatic shotgun that features a 4140 steel barrel, bullpup stock, and a Benelli choke tube kit. Protect your home with a shotgun that delivers. The steel receiver and aluminum forend provide durable, reliable, and long-lasting functionality. With an M1913 Picatinny Rail and adjustable cheek riser, the customization possibilities are practically limitless. GrabAGun has home defense shotguns for sale, at affordable prices, so you get the best deals on the best firearms.

Have fun at the range with the SDS Imports Lynx Semi-Auto Shotgun. This is a reliable Kalashnikov-style action that’s been adapted to run 12-gauge. That said, it still maintains a more traditional profile with the AK-style grip and stock as well as the right-side charging handle. It’s similar to the Russian IZ 109 AK, though it offers many more user-friendly features. It is also equipped with interchangeable features compatible with most Saiga parts, including stick mags and handguards & muzzle devices. Upgrading the rear stock to a Tactical setup is easy with the Lynx, so you can get the exact shotgun you want.

Personal defense, home defense, or just to have fun at the range, the SDS Imports BLP M12AA shotgun is the best of the best. Designed with personal defense in mind, the BLP outperforms everything else. It features a black vertical foregrip, AR-15 type safety, synthetic stock with an adjustable cheek riser, an 18.5-inch steel barrel, Benelli choke, and flip-up sights. With an M1913 rail, customization is a breeze. If you are searching for a personal defense shotgun, then this is it.

SDS Imports Magazines & Accessories

Whether you’re at the range or in the field, reloading your firearm is time-consuming. Reduce that time by stocking up on magazines for your favorites including the SDS Imports T-1919 Pattern Shotgun Magazine. Made with a durable steel body and polymer anti-tilt follower, this magazine holds 10-rounds chambered in 12 gauge and is compatible with your MK1919, ANG 4PT, or MP12 series shotguns. The SDS Imports Saiga 12 Style Magazine works well with your Civet, Lynx, or Cheetah-12 shotgun. Designed from a proprietary polymer with steel feeding lips, this magazine will keep you going with 5 additional shots. It also works with DDI and Saiga-style shotguns. A quality MFPA shotgun magazine can be found with the SDS Imports MFPA Magazine. This is chambered for 12-gauge and houses 5 additional rounds for your pump-style shotgun. The durable steel body and polymer anti-tilt follower ensure a quality attachment and feed every single time. For all your magazine needs online, GrabAGun is the only place to shop.

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