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Savage Arms

Tough, no-nonsense firearms that leave nothing to chance

History of Savage Arms

Savage Arms was started in 1894 by opportunist, entrepreneur, innovator Arthur William Savage. From the very beginning, Savage Arms changed the game and created revolutionary firearms that pushed performance even higher. As early as 1895, they produced the first hammerless lever-action rifle, which quickly became a fan favorite. Then again, in 1899, they manufactured an even more popular, best-selling lever-action rifle—the Model 99—that changed the firearm industry for generations to come.

The future of Savage Arms was reinvented in 1995 when Ronald Coburn took over. He reinstated the innovative attitude that formed the company and created a future of customer sensitivity. This shift meant that Savage Arms would now be employed with firearm enthusiasts, hunters, and shooting professionals—no more unpracticed scientists in a lab. For customers, their voices were finally being heard by a manufacturer they trusted.

Savage Arms continues to concentrate on consumers, which means they create low-priced products that are purpose-built and leverage state-of-the-art technology. With their latest launches of the groundbreaking AccuTrigger and AccuStock, it is easy to see why Savage Arms continues to be a modern, innovative, and trustworthy manufacturing expert. Every gun made by Savage is tangible proof of the integrity of Savage Arms and its commitment to constant improvement over novelty.

Savage Gun Deals Online
No Nonsense Shotguns

The Savage 320 Security pump-action shotgun represents what Savage is best known for: reliable, consistent, no-frill firearms at unbelievably low prices. The 320 Security is perfect for as a home defense gun, and its proven design is sure to stand the test of time. A GrabAGun favorite is the Savage 320 Security 12GA 18” Barrel 3”-Chamber 5-Rounds Ghost Ring Sights. It features a tried and tested rotary bolt design, incredible ghost ring sights, and a long-lasting heat shield. This entry to mid-level shotgun boasts remarkable features and is the perfect addition to your home defense collection. Get the best gun deals online by ordering the Savage 320 Security from GrabAGun!

Serious, practical, hunters love the Savage Stevens M301 for its utilitarian and rugged design. This single-shot, break-action shotgun gets straight to the point and leaves nothing behind. Not only does it stand up to heavy field usage, but it’s also simple to operate. With removable choke tubes, a forearm release for disassembly, and a manual hammer blocking safety, this shotgun can take anything you throw at it.

Accurate Rifles for Sale

The Savage Axis II Precision OD Green 6.5 Creedmoor proves that you don’t have to sacrifice accuracy and performance for a budget-friendly weapon. In fact, this precision rifle features exclusive Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) upgrades like its unique MDT chassis. Its simple design also includes a smaller ejection port and an easily adjustable, no-creep AccuTrigger. Whether you're a novice gun owner or expert firearms enthusiast, the Savage Axis II precision will fit all of your long-range shooting needs. Find firearms online like the Savage Axis II from GrabAGun!

If you’re looking for a serious tack driver that packs a ton of power, then look no further than the Savage Mark II FV-SR. Quiet, smooth, and accurate, this bolt action rifle is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Enjoy the uniquely oversized bolt handle for easy maneuverability, as well as the one-piece scope rail for upgraded accuracy. It’s perfect for mid-level shooters at close or long-range distances. The Savage Mark II FV-SR is the most reliable rifle, no matter the circumstance.

The Savage Model 64F .22 LR Semi Automatic Rifle is a rifle that is perfect in its versatility. It is fitting for novice gun owners, recreational shooting, and even small game hunting and varmints. It delivers adaptability and fun with legendary accuracy and quality at an unparalleled price. Easy to use and perfectly balanced, this rimfire autoloader will stand up to even the harshest weather conditions without wearing down or rusting. The Savage Model 64F is also lightweight—just 5 pounds—but it still delivers that rugged, heavy-duty feel with a full grip. No matter your needs, this rifle will consistently deliver.

Savage Magazines for Sale

No one wants to waste time reloading, which is why Savage Magazines are a must-have purchase. Renowned for their performance and versatility, there’s a wide selection of Savage’s most reliable magazines available at GrabAGun. Take, for instance, the Savage MKII Magazine .22LR 10Rd, a magazine built for .22 Caliber Long Rifle rounds with a blued finish that will resist corrosion and scratching and last a lifetime. Then, there’s the Savage 220 Box Magazine Black 20GA 2Rds for your Savage 220, featuring a heavy-duty polymer material and reliable feeding. When searching for high-quality, long-lasting firearm upgrades, Savage is the only way to go. Make sure to find the best gun deals online with flat-rate shipping at GrabAGun!

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