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Remington is one of the world’s largest and most respected firearm manufacturers with over two centuries of experience as a producer of high quality handguns, rifles and shotguns. GrabAGun has the best deals on Remington guns and accessories with the lowest prices, cheap, flat rate shipping on guns and ammo, plus no hidden credit card fees or handling charges.

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Remington Arms - History

America’s oldest gun manufacturer, Remington Arms Company began in 1816 as E. Remington, when a young man from Suffield, Connecticut named Eliphalet Remington realized that he could personally produce a better gun than he could buy. The confidence that their products are superior to those of the competition is the central ethos of the Remington brand to this day.  

Working in his father’s forge, the 23-year-old Remington built a flintlock rifle by hand, shaping the barrel himself and purchasing the firing mechanism from a local gunsmith. The rifle was so well received that Eliphalet decided to go into the gun business, and the Remington legend was born.

Between 1867 and 1918 Remington produced the Remington rolling block rifle, a breech-loading rifle known for its extremely durable action, which was widely used by militaries, civilians and big game hunters worldwide, including American buffalo hunters in the late 19th century.

In 1962, Remington began production on the Model 700 bolt-action rifle, whose series of variations, like the M24 SWS sniper rifle, are hugely popular among law enforcement, civilian, sporting, and military users, including the U.S. Army and the Israel Defense Forces.