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Marlin Firearms

Classic American Rifles

History of Marlin

Marlin Firearms, named after founder John Marlin, was founded in the 1870s when he began producing a wide assortment of firearms including lever-action rifles, pump-action shotguns, and single-shot rifles. He was, at the time, considered to be the main competitor to Winchester. During WWI, Marlin became one of the largest machine gun producers in the world, bringing the M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun and a later variant optimized for aircraft use, known as the “Marlin gun,” to the US and its Allies.

In 1917, Marlin Rockwell bought out the Hopkins & Allen Arms Company. This move was done to promote an expanded line of firearms and restore Marlin’s image as a “sporting arms” company. Still, for a century, Marlin labored as an underdog compared to Winchester—until the 1980s and 90s. It was then that they began to outpace their rival to become the dominant seller of lever-action rifles in North America. What makes the Marlin rifle so special? The use of side ejection which allows for a flat-top, thereby making the mounting of scopes to a Marlin rifle easier than a traditional Winchester. This major distinction helped the company capture more of the market share as American shooters began to rely on optics.

Marlins are larger, stronger, and heavier than most comparable firearms. This means that they can use higher-powered cartridges such as the .45-70. Plus, the 1894 lever-action rifles and carbines are available in handgun calibers, including .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and .41 Magnum, making them suitable companion long guns for revolvers in those same calibers.

Today, Marlin continues to produce some of the strongest, most reliable lever guns ever conceived. Additionally, they have an extensive collection of rimfires in bolt-action, autoloading, and of course, lever-action. This is an American-made brand that keeps American values in mind. You can trust that when you purchase a Marlin Firearm, you are getting the best of the best.

Marlin Guns For Sale

When you need a quality hunting rifle, look no further than Marlin Firearms. GrabAGun has a variety of their lever action rifles, bolt action rifles, and more to choose from.

Marlin Lever Action Rifles
1895 Series

For absolute power that simply can’t be matched by anything else, the Marlin 1895 Big Loop is for you. The Big Loop is a lever-action rifle with a heavy 18.5-inch, stainless steel barrel, stainless steel receiver, and more. This is a workhorse firearm that doesn’t quit. With quick pointing, fast-handling, and classic styling, it’s chambered for the big bore rounds like .45-70 Government. It gets its name from the big loop lever, which adds a distinctive traditional style while ensuring fast follow-up shots, even with gloves. Additional features include a full-length tubular magazine, weather-impervious laminated stock, XS Ghost Ring Rear sights, and HiViz front sights. GrabAGun has the best deals on lever-action rifles like the Marlin 1895 Big Loop Stainless / Laminate Gray .45-70 18.5-Inch 6Rds.

The Marlin Dark Series combines all the powerful aspects of their lever-action rifles with a strategic and purposeful black finish. This is the definition of speed and accuracy with a 16.25-inch barrel and 5-rounds chambered in .45-70. The 1895 Dark features a stealthy black matte parkerized finish, black-webbed hardwood stock, threaded barrel, big-loop lever, and XS Lever Rail with a ghost ring peep. It even comes with a Paracord sling!

If you are looking for a rifle that is ready to go, then you need the Marlin 1895 Cowboy. Featuring all the same legendary aspects of an 1895, this rifle is a powerhouse at the range or in the field. It comes equipped with a 26-inch tapered octagonal barrel with deep-cut Ballard type rifling, 9-shot tubular magazine chambered in .45-70, adjustable buckhorn rear sights, and marble carbine front sights. Add the Marlin 1895 Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Action Rifle Walnut 45-70 Government 26 Inch 9 Rd to your collection with GrabAGun’s low prices and flat-rate shipping!

1894 Series

The Marlin 1894 Model rifle combines everything you love about the 1895, just with different chamberings. It’s described as “fast handling meets a magnum punch,” and rightly so. This features a stainless steel barreled action with a big loop lever to flawlessly cycle all 6-rounds of .357 Mag / .38 SPL. It’s an ideal home defense rifle that you can rely on. It also comes equipped with an XS Lever Rail with ghost ring sights to make handling easier in tight quarters, allow for rapid target acquisition, and provide durability in all weather conditions. The 1894 is a rifle that you can depend on for any tactical or personal defense situation. GrabAGun has the best home defense rifles for sale, so don’t miss out on our affordable prices!

The 1894 can also be found in the dark series as well. The Marlin 1984C Dark features a stealthy-tough black matte parkerized finish so you can take this into the field without worry. Just like other firearms in the dark line, this comes with a black-webbed hardwood stock, threaded barrel, big loop lever, and XS Lever Rail which allows for easy optics mounting. Accuracy is at the heart of this firearm, which is achieved through the use of premium materials, ultra-light manufacturing tolerances, and the strongest lever-action receiver ever conceived.

336 Series

The Marlin 336 is one of the most popular hunting rifles in North America. A staple amongst the deer woods, this series of lever-action rifles features incredible handling, rapid follow-ups, and reliability like none other. With the Texan Deluxe series, you get an improved version of the beloved classic. With a western straight-grip stock and modern-day precision technology, you’ll be amazed at what this firearm can do. Though aesthetically pleasing, this is meant to be used in the field. It comes equipped with a B-grade walnut stock, 20-inch barrel, semi-buckhorn rear sights, and a 6-round capacity chambered in .30-.30 Winchester.

And of course, the 336 can be found in the dark series as well. The Marlin 336 Dark Parkerized .30-.30 16.25-Inch 5Rds combines everything loved about the 336 in a dark, stealth-friendly package. Features include a solid black stock with webbing painted on, a big loop lever wrapped with paracord, and an XS lever rail with a ghost ring. It’s a dependable rifle that can take you from the range or to the field with ease. You’ll never want to go back to the light once you’ve experienced the dark side. Get incredible deals on the best lever action rifles for sale from GrabAGun today.

Marlin Semi Auto Rifles

Lever action rifles aren’t always what you need, so when that’s the case, trust the Marlin line of semi-automatic rifles. GrabAGun customers love the Marlin Model 60 150th Anniversary rifle for a number of reasons. For starters, this is one of the world’s most popular 22 rimfires. It’s an American classic in every way and includes an American black walnut stock, a 19-inch stainless steel barrel, adjustable sights, and a 14-round tubular magazine chambered in .22 LR. Embedded in the stock is an exclusive 150th-anniversary medallion, and the rifle even comes with a special serial number. This is not just a beautiful firearm to stow away, but one that begs to be used in plinking or competition settings.

If you’re looking for something a little more tactical, check out the Model 60SN. This semi-automatic rifle comes equipped with everything you’d find on a 60 with stealth at the core of its design. The Marlin 60 .22LR 19 Inch BL Synthetic With SC features a matte black finish on the 19-inch Micro-Groove rifled barrel as well as on the synthetic stock. The barrel also has a precision-crowned muzzle to split hairs like no other. It even includes a 4x20mm scope, making it perfect for young shooters or competition purposes. Whether you are new to firearms or you’re a veteran needing a straight-shooting companion, GrabAGun has the semi-automatic rifles you need.

Marlin Bolt Action Rifles

Marlin bolt action rifles are there for many American’s firsts—their first shots, first hunts, and their first steps toward being a responsible gun owner. For young shooters, the Model XT-22MTR is an ideal beginner rifle. As a bolt action 22 WMR, this is equipped with a 22-inch blued sporter barrel which features Micro-Groove rifling. It also comes with a black synthetic stock and palm swell pistol grips and molded-in swivel studs. All this results in a comfortable grip for all 12-shots, chambered in .22 Mag. The crisp, Pro-Fire adjustable trigger ensures a smooth pull every single time while the adjustable rear sights and ramp front sights help with faster target acquisition.

Take the Model XT-17VSL with you on your next range trip for a bolt action rifle that is both reliable and aesthetically pleasing. It features Marlin’s renowned accuracy with the looks to match, thanks to its grey and black Monte Carlo stock and stainless steel, 22-inch barrel. It comes with two magazines, a 4-shot and a 7-shot, each chambered in .17 HMR. A Pro-Fire adjustable trigger comes standard. Other shooters will love the way your firearm looks and the way it performs. For the best rifles for sale, look no further than GrabAGun. We have some of the best gun deals online as well as flat-rate shipping!

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