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Beretta Guns Jubilee Shotgun

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Beretta New Jubilee| Perfection at its Best

The magnificent Giubileo over-and-under Beretta, available in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauge models, is distinctive for its elegant spiral and floral engravings on the receiver and side plates, and by its flawlessly proportioned construction. The master engravers expressed their artistry in loving detail, while the internal surfaces and mechanisms are polished to perfection. The elongated trigger guard, the safety and top lever are also completely engraved. No detail was overlooked in the finely crafted New Jubilee. It is without question a jewel in Beretta's crown. The Giubileo shares the other characteristics with the 687 over-and-under.

The Beretta Giubileo is among a limited number of over-and-under firearms exhibiting precisely proportioned receivers for 12, 20 and 28/.410 gauges. The elegant, low profile 12-gauge receiver gracefully tapers in the lower gauges for superb feel, target acquisition and handling.

Born in the prestigious SO factory (rather than the main Beretta plant) and hand finished the Jubilee is indeed a celebration of form and function.


The barrels are cold hammer forged and fused to the Monobloc utilizing advanced Laser technology. Exquisitely polished and blued to the highest standards in the industry, the barrel tubes are a feat of engineering with the combination of strength and perfect balance, equally so in the Mobilchoke® tubes model.

The stock and the slender Schnabel fore-end are of superior quality walnut with fine, careful, hand-checkering. Repeated polishing (with Tru-Oil® on request) enhances the beautiful wood grain. The antique shield - displaying P.B. in 24-carat gold - is encased within the fore-end. The shotgun comes in a sturdy leather-covered ABS gun case complete with accessories.

Beretta's New Jubilee is very well made and a fast handling gun. The magnificent marriage of artistry, engineering and advanced technology used in the New Jubilee accentuate Beretta as a master in firearms engineering.

The New Jubilee is a firearm many gun enthusiasts would love to see centered in their collection. With the current attitude towards Second Amendment rights erosion centered in Washington, and spreading throughout many states, the future of owning guns and buying guns is being brought into question.

On Friday, June 21, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law the state’s extensive gun control laws. Following which, Beretta announced it will leave Maryland, manufacturing its guns in an as-yet-unspecified Second Amendment friendly state. Aside from the law being an affront to the numerous firearms manufacturers in Maryland, it also makes illegal Beretta’s newly issued ARX 100. In addition, Beretta is placed in the legal dilemma that it would no longer be able to stock appropriate, standard capacity magazines for many of its guns.

In a blow to gun rights advocates in New York, in April the Supreme Court refused to hear a case contesting New York’s strict right-to-carry permitting law. Currently, only those who can prove their lives are actively threatened can receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon in New York.

Furthermore, New York City Mayor and gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg is pressuring Democrats who don’t support gun control. Bloomberg told the New York Times that he will be asking big Democrat donors to stop donating money to Democrats who stood with Republicans in blocking gun control legislation on Capitol Hill.

One thing is apparent, gun control efforts aren’t going to go away. As Democrats continue to call into question the very heart of America-the Constitution-the heated debates of freedom come under consistent fire by those who would institute more socialist policies. The issues dividing this nation are growing, and there are many who appear to be fueling this division.

‘Conspiracy Theory’ is a cry frequently heard, but this is America after all, where every man has his day in court. Accusations of conspiracy without evidence are nothing more than gossip and deserve the same treatment. This in no means calls for gun right advocates or gun owners to let down their guard. Freedom must be defended, truth and justice upheld, and the United States of America sustained as a nation whose ideals are a shining example of government for all.

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