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Wolf Performance Ammunition

Making shooting affordable

History of Wolf Performance Ammunition

Wolf Performance Ammunition was created for the sole purpose of making shooting affordable. It is the American brand for Sporting Supplies International and was founded in 2005. Since its inception, Wolf has become a leading manufacturer of quality ammunition at affordable prices. Unlike other discounted ammunition companies, Wolf prides itself on using newly manufactured rounds with non-corrosive primers. This ensures that your ammo is as high-quality as your firearm.

The best part about Wolf is their trust in their own products—they stand behind what they create. In fact, Wolf offers a 100% guarantee on all their ammo. With a wide variety of products fit for any shooting discipline, you can’t go wrong with high-quality, accurate, and powerful rounds of Wolf Performance Ammunition.

Wolf Performance Ammunition for Sale

Stock up on Wolf Performance Ammunition’s high-quality, cheap ammo featuring all your favorite calibers. GrabAGun carries a wide selection of their best ammo online, including Wolf PolyFormance, Wolf Military Classic, Wolf Power Buckshot, including:

Rifle Ammo

The Wolf Polyformance centerfire rifle ammo is perfect for all shooting disciplines. What sets it apart from competitors is the specially formulated PolyFormance coating, enabling smoother feeding and extraction. These hard rounds are also protected from extreme elements thanks to this high-quality construction. Wolf Polyformance rounds are steel cased and come in all your favorite calibers, including loads of .223 ammo and 7.62x39 ammo.

If you want to spend as much time as possible at the range without losing your wallet, you need Wolf Performance Ammo Military Classic. This ammunition is economically priced but doesn’t sacrifice quality or reliability. Each non-corrosive, steel-cased load will function and feed flawlessly, giving you the power you need to hit targets again and again. The Wolf Military Classic line makes it easier for you to stock up on cheap ammo and spend more time shooting.

Wolf Performance ammo is there for all your high-volume shooting needs. Along with a polymer coating for smooth feeding and extraction, this ammo features a bimetal bullet. Bimetal bullets are designed with a jacket consisting of alternating sheets of copper and steel, which are then pressed together. The heat generated from this pressure fuses the sheets of copper and steel, forming a new alloy called bimetal. Bimetal bullets are great at providing corrosion resistance and increasing lubricity. Stock up on Wolf Performance ammo today with the best-priced ammo online from GrabAGun!

Shotgun Ammo Online

Perhaps the most popular and commonly used shotshell size is 00 Buckshot—and for good reason. Wolf’s Power Buckshot load delivers intense stopping power with massive wound channels. Great for both hunting large game and home defense shotguns, this dual-purpose load exhibits power and extreme consistency. Each shell carries 9 pellets and hits targets at an incredible speed of 1325 feet per second. Get your own load of Wolf Performance Ammo Power Buckshot 12 GA #00 Buckshot 10-rounds 2.75" for the best ammo prices online from GrabAGun!

Bulk 9mm Ammo Online

A Wolf Military Classic favorite are their 9mm handgun rounds. The 9mm caliber is a long-time favorite of shooting enthusiasts around the world, and it is an excellent choice for both beginners or experienced shooters. Featuring light recoil, an inexpensive design, and high muzzle velocity, Wolf Military Classic’s 9mm rounds are the perfect bulk ammo choice. With GrabAGun, you can get a case of Wolf Military Classic in bulk 9mm ammo for incredible prices and flat-rate shipping.

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