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Nothing shoots flatter, hits harder or is more accurate than a Weatherby

History of Weatherby

Ultra-high velocity, magnum ammunition is how Roy Weatherby got started in the 1940s. He revolutionized the industry with his fast, hard-hitting loads that were dead-on accurate. Today, those same performance qualities are every bit a part of Weatherby cartridges. Weatherby’s intention is a constant progression for ballistic superiority with new and impressive cartridges that perform and meet expectations attached to the Weatherby brand.

By 1958, Roy identified shortcomings in bolt-action stocks so he designed his own for exceptional fit, balance, and identifiable style. With Weatherby’s hot cartridges, there came a need for a bolt-action capable of handling the magnum power, and then the Mark V action was born. With up to nine locking lugs and “overbuilt” craftsmanship, the Mark V design remains the strongest bolt-action rifle today. Looking for bolt-action rifle deals? Get the best bolt-action rifle at GrabAGun.

Throughout the years, Weatherby’s brand has continued to grow through the making of their various shotguns, .22 rimfire rifle (Mark XXII), and scopes. For hunters loyal to non-Wetherby calibers, Roy introduced the Vanguard rifles in 1970. These are chambered for some of the world’s most popular big game and varmint cartridges. New Vanguard models are still coming out today.

Now, the Weatherby company has relocated to Wyoming and have released a brand new line of Mark V rifles, along with the Vanguard Camilla in 2016, made with female shooters in mind. After years of innovation and development, the release of the 2019 Mark V Backcountry Ti and 6.5 WBY RPM combination achieves the weight savings, ballistic performance, and price that cannot be found in a production rifle anywhere else. Go shop Weatherby at GrabAGun today!

Weatherby Guns For Sale

Weatherby prides itself on their top-of-the-line rifles and shotguns with Weatherby’s famous ammunition to go with your new gun. Check out all of the great Weatherby items we have at GrabAGun today!

Weatherby Element

This Weatherby Element Synthetic 12 Gauge 28” Semi-automatic shotgun brings together Weatherby’s signature style with their inertia-operated action. The result is a cleaner and smoother performance ready for round after round of high-volume shooting. This features a Griptonite stock with a pistol grip, vented top rib, forend inserts, and a fiber optic front bead. For more information on Weatherby’s best shotguns for sale, go to GrabAGun today!

If wetland hunting is more your speed, then you need the Weatherby Element Waterfowler Max-5 semi-automatic shotgun. It combines the Griptonite stock and chrome-lined bore barrel with Realtree Max-5 Camo pattern. This inertia-driven shotgun features a pistol grip, forend inserts, and includes four application-specific tubes (IC, Mod, Full, and Long Range Steel).

Weatherby’s Element Upland Shotgun feels like a breeze to shoot, featuring an inertia-operated action with a unique ‘signature’ fit and finish that is all Weatherby. This shotgun comes equipped with a high visibility fiber optic sight atop the chrome-lined vent rib barrel that will put you intuitively on target. The 3” chamber also accepts 2 ¾” shells. This unmatched reliability in this gun makes it easy to shoot from dawn to dusk. The Element also comes with an exquisite walnut stock and an integral multi choke system with three application-specific tubes (IC, Mod, Full). Find the best shotgun for the lowest price at GrabAGun.

Another great gun from the Element series is Weatherby’s Element Tungsten Synthetic semi-automatic shotgun. The Tungsten Synthetic is built to be a do-all workhorse shotgun and is built on a tried-and-true inertia semi-auto and seals its metalwork under a ceramic shell to create protection from the elements. This gun features a black finish, with a 26” barrel that allows for swift maneuverability. With the Griptonite stock, natural fit, and fiber-optic front, having a successful hunt is just waiting for the season to arrive.

The SA-08 Synthetic Compact is designed for women and youths. This gun has a durable injection-molded synthetic stock and a fully ventilated ribbed barrel along with sling swivel studs. The shorter 12-½” stock and 24” barrel is designed to better fit smaller-framed shooters. It’s designed with a unique dual-valve system, vent rib barrel, brass front bead, and comes complete with IC, M, and F screw-in chokes and a wrench. The SA-08 is hands down one of the best shotguns for beginners. Go ahead and order your shotgun from GrabAGun to get the best deal.

Weatherby Orion

The name Weatherby has become synonymous with accuracy and quality thanks to their Vanguard rifles. The first thing you’ll notice about the popular Weatherby Vanguard High Country rifle is the stock. The Monte Carlo design, complete with a right-side palm swell and textured forearm and grip areas, is crafted with some of the finest engineering in the modern shooting market. This rifle is guaranteed to shoot a 3-shot group of .99-inches or less at 100 yards from a cold barrel when used with Weatherby’s ammunition. This 26-inch barrel allows for swift maneuverability and features a fully enclosed bolt sleeve, 3-position safety, and a hinged floorplate. Get this hunting rifle today at GrabAGun for the best price!

The Weatherby Vanguard HUSH Edition is sleek, lightweight, and incredibly accurate. Built in collaboration between HUSH and Weatherby, the HUSH edition brings years of experience together in one rifle. This rifle features a unique color pattern that highlights the current trends of a cement gray stock base with black webbing for texture and appeal. The 1/2x28tpi threaded barrel includes both a seamless thread protector and Accubrake ST for the shooter's preference in shooting style. This rifle also features a synthetic stock, an adjustable two-stage trigger, and a 3 round magazine.

Weatherby Vanguard

After a long success with the Python, Colt needed a second revolver–one that would pack a serious punch while still maintaining a classic and sleek look. Originally introduced in 1986, the King Cobra series was re-introduced in 2019 after the massive success of the 2017 relaunch of the Colt Cobra. Reincarnated as the 6-shot, .357 Magnum big brother of the Colt Cobra Double Action revolver, this is a beast of a firearm. It sports a heavy-duty frame, 3-inch barrel, and brushed stainless steel construction. The King Cobra, as well as its subsidiaries the King Cobra Target, King Cobra Carry DAO, and King Cobra Carry, have secured a new place in the legendary lineup. No one wants to meet up with this bad boy in a dark alley.

The Weatherby Vanguard Weatherguard bolt action rifle is no exception to Weatherby’s reputation for quality. This model of Vanguard has a burnt bronze cerakote barreled action paired with a unique hand-sprayed polymer stock. These hand-fitted rifles feature a one-piece machined fluted bolt body, an accurate cold hammer-forged barrel, and a match-quality two-stage trigger. Regardless of weather conditions, this rifle delivers exceptional reliability and aesthetics at a reasonable price. Find your next Vanguard rifle at GrabAGun for the lowest price online.

Weatherby Ammunition

Weatherby was put on the map by the accuracy and performance of Weatherby ammunition. In 2016, Weatherby ushered in a new era in ballistic superiority by introducing both a new cartridge and a new caliber of bullet to the Weatherby line. The 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum is the fastest production 6.5mm there is. Combined with high Ballistic Coefficient (BC) projectiles designed for long-range shooting, the velocity of the 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum opens a whole new world of possibilities and provides hunters with the terminal performance every Weatherby shooter is accustomed to. Roy Weatherby’s personal favorite, the 257 Weatherby Magnum, travels 3,870fps with an 80-grain bullet. This gives you the flattest trajectory of any 25 caliber rifle in the world. Suitable for long-range varmint shooting but this is ideal for big game hunting. Another super popular type of ammunition is the 270 Weatherby Magnum,. This ammo is a turbo-charged version of the popular 270 Winchester. In 1945, Roy Weatherby shortened the 300 H&H Magnum. Blew out the body, necked it down to accept a 270 bullet, and gave hunters a flatter shooting, harder-hitting 270. This is ideal for long-range and medium-sized game. Find all of the best ammunition for sale at GrabAGun!

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