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The Walther PPQ is a German made semi auto pistol with a distinct shape, unique ergonomics, and a full line of calibers. Find out why Guns & Ammo said, "With a PPQ you get the benefits of old-school and the digital age combined—computer-machining and hand-fitting."

Walther PPQ


  • Striker fired, 3 internal safeties
  • Smooth QD trigger action
  • Tough polymer frame
  • Rails for lights or lasers
  • Standard, tactical and subcompact models
  • 22LR, 9mm, 40, and 45 calibers




  • The Walther PPQ shares the same engineering basics as the P99 that Walther first introduced in 1996.
  • Pulling the patented Quick Defense trigger engages a disconnect lever, propping up a sear hook and releasing a pre-loaded striker assembly. 
  • The trigger reset is short, and trigger pull remains steady from the first to the last shot, allowing for consistent true aim.
  • Ambidextrous controls and three interchangeable grip backstraps for comfort and fit.
  • Rails on the slide allow for the mounting of accessories such as lights and lasers.
  • The polymer grip has a non-slip surface and the funneled magazine aids in insertion, making it easy to reload.
  • Three internal safeties including a trigger safety, a disconnector safety, and a firing pin safety serve to keep you safe, even if the pistol is dropped.
  • The loaded chamber indicator always keeps you apprised of the situation.
  • The PPQ’s double stack magazine offers varying capacities.


One of the best handguns available for self-defense today, the PPQ Classic 9mm has the same great features of the Walther PPQ with a 9mm caliber. For added stopping power and accuracy, select the 9mm caliber PPQ and enjoy the same ambidextrous magazine release and grip comfort.


”Fantastic pistol. Accurate, light weight, and easy to conceal even with optics. The accuracy out of the box is amazing. The trigger and grip ergonomics aid in this area. You will not be disappointed with this gun no matter your experience.” - Jared S.


Enjoy the same benefits of the original Walther PPQ with a larger, more convenient U.S.-style magazine release. For those used to a handgun like the 1911, the magazine release is familiar and comfortable. It has the same out-of-the-box accuracy and you can enjoy the same grip comfort as well. In a review of the Walther PPQ M2 for Gun Digest, Doug Howlett wrote of the trigger:"The PPQ also has a trigger safety and internal safeties as well as a loaded chamber indicator, an oversize magazine release that can be reversed for left-handed operation and of particular interest where performance is concerned, Walther’s Quick Defense Trigger, a super smooth squeezing trigger with a light 5.6-pound trigger pull (mine actually fired at just under that), less than a half-inch (.4 inch to be precise) trigger pull and a .1-inch reset for lightning fast follow-up shots. As one Glock fan joining me during test firing observed, 'This trigger is smoother than my Glock. It feels almost like a competition trigger'."

Walther PPQ

In Handguns Magazine Paul Scarlata described the Walther PPQ M2 5 inch barrel model: "In early 2014 Walther introduced yet another version of the PPQ: the M2 5-inch. As you may have already ascertained by its name, it features a five-inch barrel—as opposed to the standard model’s four-inch tube—and a correspondingly longer slide. The five-inch barrel obviously provides a longer sight radius, which can help in the accuracy department. Then there is the additional weight (1.6 ounces greater than the standard model) up front where it does the best job at moderating muzzle flip in addition to reducing recoil. Last, the longer barrel allows the 9mm and .40 S&W cartridges to reach their ballistic potential."  (June 9th, 2016)


Overall, I like the ergonomics of the PPQ. There are edges where you need them, like the serrations on the slide, the slide-stop levers and the accessory rail, but even these are not aggressively sharp. Grips and backstraps have a rough texture to facilitate control of the gun during rapid fire, but the texture is not so rough to chew your hands up. The pistol felt comfortable in my hands and pointed naturally wherever I looked. Dick Williams, Shooting Illustrated


Featuring the same ergonomic platform as the Walther PPQ Classic and the Walther PPQ M2, the Walther PPQ 45 handles .45 caliber rounds. It has the same accuracy right out of the box as the others with a short trigger reset and rails for added accessories. Check out GrabAGun’s options for Walther PPQ .45s for sale, as well as ammo and accessories.

Walther PPQ



With an ergonomic platform and accuracy right out of the box, the Walther PPQ and all of its variants are a great choice for self defense and concealment, and one of the best handguns available.

9mm Mfr# 2795400 Walther PPQ M1 Black 9MM 4 inch 15 rd
9mm Mfr# 2796066 Walther PPQ M2 9mm 4-inch 15rd Fixed Sights
9mm Mfr# 2796066BL Walther PPQ M2 Black 9mm 4-Inch 15Rd Blueline
9mm Mfr# 2796066TNS Walther PPQ M2 Black 9mm 4-inch 15Rds Tritium Night Sights
9mm Mfr# 2796067 Walther PPQ M2 Black 9mm 4-inch 10Rnd
9mm Mfr# 2796082 Walther PPQ M2 Navy Black 9mm 4.6-inch 15rd Threaded Barrel
9mm Mfr# 2796092 Walther PPQ M2 Black 9MM 5-inch 10Rnd
9mm Mfr# 2813335 Walther PPQ Q5 Match Black 9mm 5-inch 15Rd Adjustable Sight
9mm Mfr# 2813734 Walther PPQ M2 Black 9mm 5-inch 15Rds
9mm Mfr# 2813735 Walther PPQ M2 Black 9mm 5-Inch 10 Rd
9mm Mfr# 2815249 Walther PPQ M2 Subcompact Matte Black Tenifer Coating 9mm 3.5-inch 15Rds
9mm Mfr# 2819252 Walther PPQ M2 Black / OD Green 9mm 4-inch 15rd
9mm Mfr# 2823462 Walther PPQ 9MM 15rd
9mm Mfr# 2825929 Walther PPQ Q4 TAC Black 9mm 4.6-inch 17rd Threaded Barrel
9mm Mfr# 2829789 Walther PPQ M2 Subcompact Matte Black Tenifer Coating 9mm 3.5-inch 10Rds
9mm Mfr# 2830833 Walther PPQ M2 9MM 4" 15RD FDE
45ACP Mfr# 2807076 Walther PPQ M2 Black .45 ACP 4.25-inch 12Rd Adjustable Sights
45ACP Mfr# 2807077 Walther PPQ M2 Semi Auto Pistol BLACK 45ACP 4.25 inch 10 rd
45ACP Mfr# 2829231 Walther PPQ M2 Black .45 ACP 4.9-inch 12Rds Threaded Barrel
.40S&W Mfr# 2796074 Walther PPQ M2 Pistol .40SW 4-inch 12rd Black Polymer Fixed Sights
.40S&W Mfr# 2796075 Walther PPQ M2 Black 40S&W 4-inch 10Rnd
.40S&W Mfr# 2796104 Walther PPQ M2 Pistol .40SW 5-inch 12rd Black Polymer Fixed Sights
.40S&W Mfr# 2796105 Walther PPQ M2 Black 40S&W 5-inch 10Rnd
.22LR Mfr# 5100300 Walther PPQ 22LR 4-inch Pistol Black 12RD
.22LR Mfr# 5100301 Walther PPQ M2 Tactical 22LR 4-inch Pistol Black 12Rd Threaded Barrel
.22LR Mfr# 5100302 Walther PPQ M2 Black .22 LR 5-inch 12Rds
.22LR Mfr# 5100303 Walther PPQ 22LR 4-inch Pistol Black 10RD
.22LR Mfr# 5100304 Walther PPQ TAC 22LR 4-inch Pistol Black 10
.22LR Mfr# 5100305 Walther PPQ M2 22LR 5-inch Pistol Black 10


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