Trijicon Fiber Sight Set Glock 10MM/45ACP Fiber-Optic Red/Green

Trijicon Fiber Sight Set For Glock 10MM/45ACP  Fiber-Optic Red/Green Features:

 Featuring the same fiber optic materials used in the battle proven ACOG with proven illumination, Trijicon Fiber Sights are purposely engineered to bring the absolute brightest aiming point, while retaining strength and maintaining a refined sight picture. Whether carrying or competing, these bright, thin sights create the perfect aiming point for fast, accurate shots!

Trijicon Fiber Sight Set For Glock 10MM/45ACP  Fiber-Optic Red/Green Specifications:

  • Fits For Glock Models 20 21 29 30 41 (including S and SF variants)
  • Highly visible front sight  
  • Durability to withstand everyday pistol use  
  • Clear precise sight picture  
  • One-handed manipulation  
  • Comfortable to conceal  
  • Limited lifetime warranty  
  • NOTE: Trijicon Fiber Sights come from factory w/a .060” red fiber pre-installed on front sight & an extra red & green fiber replacement



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