The defining standard in ammunitions

History of Speer

Vernon Speer began building bullets in 1943 in Lewiston, Idaho. His reason? Reloaders couldn’t get the components needed from ammo companies during WWII. Initially, Speer’s focus was primarily on hunting rifle bullets, but he would eventually be the one to introduce the first mass-produced jacketed handgun bullet for both hunting and law enforcement. In the ‘60s, he took things a step further by putting some of those bullets into loaded ammunition. This would become the now-famous Lawman® line.

As of today, the Speer Gold Dot® line is the most trusted duty ammunition for law enforcement. There is even a civilian line that is beyond comparison. All original product lines are still being manufactured in 2021 and have even been expanded on to include something for everyone. Through it all, though, Speer’s formula for success hasn’t changed: Determination, self-reliance, and independence—all of which show in everything they do.

Speer Ammo for Sale

When you need reliable ammo, Speer is the only name to trust. GrabAGun carries all your favorites so you can stock up today.

Speer Gold Dot

The original Gold Dot line remains the benchmark for both self-defense and duty use. More than that, it’s earned the trust of law enforcement around the world. Its features include a pressure-formed lead core, which is bonded to an extremely uniform jacket (this is done an atom at a time for absolute precision!). This construction virtually eliminates separation on impact, resulting in more retained weight and penetration to terminal depths. The hollow-point design expands consistently through a full range of barriers, and thanks to sealed primers and nickel-plated brass, the ignition and cycling are guaranteed.

GrabAGun customers choose the Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection Ammo Nickel Plated Brass .380 ACP 20-Rounds 90 Grain HP. This is an incredible choice for personal use considering its Uni-Core bonding, an energy at 216 ft/lbs, and a velocity at 1040 fps.

Speer Lawman

Designed for the professional user, the Panzer Arms AR-12 Pro is set apart from the rest in just about everything. This multi-purpose shotgun is similar to its counterpart in that it is centered around the AR15 platform, so you’ll feel comfortable with the feel and layout. In 2018, it was updated to feature an all-metal frame with aluminum handguards along with a chrome bolt and carrier. The trigger parts are machined from solid stock rather than investment cast for consistency and reliability while the 20-inch steel barrel is made with performance in mind. You’ll love the way the Panzer Arms AR12 Pro 12 Ga 20-Inch 5Rds feels and operates.

Panzer Arms Bullpup (BP12)

If you are looking for the best training rounds, look no further than the Speer Lawman line. This training ammunition provides incredible consistency with a point of aim that feels as close as possible to your self-defense loads. It comes in a variety of calibers and every option is loaded with a TMJ bullet and plated jacket that encapsulates the entire lead core. A great example of this is the Speer Lawman Brass 9MM 147-Grain 50-Rounds TMJ from GrabAGun. With an energy of 317 ft/lbs and a velocity of 985 fps, this load will offer a reliable and consistent performance. Challenge yourself and pick up some ammo online from GrabAGun today!

Speer Bullets

Reloading is at the core of Speer. Because shooters couldn’t get quality reloading materials, Speer began manufacturing bullets that could easily and accurately be reloaded for multiple target or varmint uses. GrabAGun customers like the Speer 2005 .30 Caliber Varmint Hollow Point Reloading Bullets 130Gr 100CT for its hollow-point design, impressive accuracy, and powerful terminal performance. Another great option is the Speer Reloading Bullets .22 (.224) 1000 RD. These bullets provide pinpointed, long-range accuracy and maximum destruction on impact. The thin precision jacket includes features like internal fluting to guarantee complete bullet disruption. At the same time, the high ballistic coefficient produces the flattest trajectories possible meaning you’ll never miss a shot. You can buy bullets online for great prices and flat-rate shipping through GrabAGun today!