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What is the Ruger SR9? Police magazine said, “The SR9 is not just ‘another striker-fired, polymer frame, 9mm pistol,’ but a combination of many features that have proven their practicality over the years and new features that police officers and shooters have been asking for...”. (5) Ruger calls the SR series "perfectly sized to be comfortable and controllable".(6) In fact, the SR series of semi-auto pistols from Ruger includes the SR9, the SR9c Compact, SR40 and SR40c, and the SR45. See specs, features and reviews below.


Ruger SR9 for sale



The Ruger SR9 appeals to both civilians and people in service positions for a host of features that have contributed to its popularity. It’s a recoil-operated pistol with a high-capacity, double-column magazine. It holds seventeen rounds of 9mm ammo, and with one in the chamber, you have eighteen.

It’s a lightweight 9mm pistol, which is highly desirable, but makes a synthetic frame a necessity. The glass-filled nylon frame weighs 26.5 ounces. The constant-action trigger makes the length and weight of the pull the same for each consecutive shot.


The Ruger SR series is different from the SR22 line of handguns. The SR handguns use centerfire 9mm, .40, and .45 caliber cartridges while the SR22 shoots rimfire .22 caliber ammunition. It’s also worth noting that the SR series is striker fired, while the Ruger SR1911 line uses the 1911 style external hammer.


You have the option of either a brushed finish or a blackened stainless slide, but both come with an adjustable rear sight and a semi-ramp front. “Taking the full-size SR9 in hand, we have a sleek pistol with modern curves, planes and angles. It looks good, but the empty gun has an almost top-heavy feel to it. When you add 18 rounds of 9 mm, however, its balance improves.” (1)

  • The SR9 provides a sure grip, given that it houses a double-column magazine. The checkering helps give a firm grip and the depressions in the front give your fingertips a nice place to rest. The backstrap also offers a deep recess for the web of your hand to rest comfortably.
  • This powerful grip affords you more control over recoil and more accuracy in subsequent shots. The SR9 offers superior ergonomics to a lot of other 9mm pistols on the market.
  • The pivoting trigger safety and internal magazine safety add up to a safer 9mm. The drop safety ensures that the gun can’t fire when dropped, and the manual safety is ambidextrous.
  • The SR9 comes with Ruger’s long-standing tradition of durability and reliability. With excellent ergonomics, high capacity, and complete control and accuracy, it’s hard to beat.



Ruger’s SR9c is a compact version of the SR9. It’s reduced in both height and slide length. It’s significantly smaller but has a very wide range of deployment options. It also has a 17+1 capacity and a molded collar to produce the same contour as the SR9.



Due to the popularity of the full-size Ruger SR9, a compact version seems like a logical next step. It’s a serious carry piece based on the wildly popular full-size pistol and is familiar to anyone who has carried its big brother.

The slide and barrel are only 7/10 of an inch shorter than the SR9, which makes for a long barrel in a compact pistol, but helps with muzzle velocity and recoil, which is important when you’re working with the same size ammo in a smaller pistol. It also helps with accuracy. However, it may be a bit harder to shoot.

“Now, while the shorter frame makes it easier to carry the SR9c and keep it concealed, it makes it a bit tougher to shoot. At least for those of us with large or larger hands. I can just barely get my pinkie finger onto the front lip of the mag pad, and it slips off during recoil with the hotter loads. Still, that is a small price to pay for such compactness.” (2)

Ruger didn’t take much away from the SR9 when building the SR9c. The shortened frame makes it a lot more concealable, but not much else has changed. You still get all of the SR9 features like the large extractor, three-dot sight, and loaded chamber indicator.


This revamped striker-fired pistol combines power, accuracy, and reliability for a true full-size defense gun with great recoil controllability and the same comfort and fit of the SR9. The SR40c is a compact version for those who want something concealable.


The .40 caliber cartridge is one of the most popular cartridges among police departments because it offers cutting-edge performance and power. The grip on the SR40 is reversible so you can choose which configuration is most comfortable to you. The SR40 is almost identical to the SR9. It has a slightly thicker frame to accommodate the more powerful cartridge but is otherwise very similar. It’s one ounce heavier than the SR9 but handles the recoil well.

It has a fifteen round capacity and sits comfortably in your hand considering that it has to hold such large ammo. It also has an ambidextrous safety and three-dot adjustable sight. The SR40c is the compact version, and its height and barrel length is slightly shorter, but the width is the same. “If you’re looking for a very concealable, nice handling (for a subcompact .40) pistol for carry, the SR40c is definitely worth checking out.” (3)


The look and proportion of the Ruger SR45 are seemingly identical to that of the SR9 and the SR40. However, it takes .45 caliber cartridges, which are considered the supreme self-defense cartridges against which all others should be judged.


The SR45 frame is made of the same as all previous SR models: a fiberglass-filled nylon. The checkering on the grip helps with handling, and there is a tactical rail for lights or lasers. There is a two-toned version with a stainless-steel slide and a black nitride coated alloy slide. The sights are made of steel as they were on the other SR models. The magazine capacity is 10+1, mostly because if you try to cram any more in there, you wouldn’t be able to grip it. The reversible backstrap allows you to adjust it for comfort.

Reversing the backstrap requires only the removal of one small pin, and when I did it I was too lazy to go get a proper punch from my tool box and instead used an unfolded paper clip. That’s how simple it is to reverse the backstrap.” (4)

RUGER SR9 - LAST WORD from POLICE magazine

I found the SR9 to be a very practical, service-type pistol. It proved accurate, possessed above-average ergonomics that enhanced recoil control, and proved 100-percent reliable with several hundred rounds of ammunition run through it. I believe the SR9 will appeal to police officers looking for either a holster or concealed-carry service pistol.(5)




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