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Ruger Security 9 for Sale

The Ruger Security 9 offers rugged construction and high performance in a mid-sized pistol that’s compact enough to conceal, but still big enough to be comfortable and controllable. Is the Ruger Security 9 the best 9mm pistol for you? See specs, features and benefits, reviews and models below…

Ruger Security 9 15-round pistol for sale


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The Ruger Security 9 is every man’s gun. It’s an all-purpose handgun that offers basic function and awesome firepower at a great price.

The Ruger SR9 has a lightweight, polymer frame. It’s comfortable, easy to shoot, and well balanced, so it’s an ideal choice for concealed carry. With both a manual safety and trigger safety, you can feel at ease toting this around every day. The trigger pull is smooth, and it’s an affordable 9mm option that comes with remarkable reliability. The polymer frame has a Sure-Fire operation, as coined by Ruger, and features an actual hammer. The chassis is hard-coated anodized aluminum with full-length rails.

Make no mistake; this double-stack pistol is one of the narrowest 9mm on the market. The size is nearly perfect. “The single best thing, other than price, about the Ruger Security-9 may be its size. Speaking for myself, this pistol fits my hand almost ideally. There is just enough space on the grip for all of my fingers. The barrel is the right compromise length for concealability, steadiness, quick handling, sight radius and muzzle velocity” (1)

The Ruger Security 9 is worth every penny for the durability and reliability you get when carrying this pistol for self-defense.

  • The slide and barrel are blued, through-hardened alloy with a high-performance frame that’s made from glass-filled nylon. The aluminum chassis is precision machined with full-length guide rails.
  • The Ruger LCP hammer-fired fire control system is both reliable and proven, and the Security 9 follows suit. This system offers a smooth trigger pull and a short and crisp reset for fast successive firing.
  • The textured grip provides a comfortable and secure grip. The fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight provide a high-visibility sight system. Different color options are available for advanced customization.
  • The Ruger Security 9 offers a manual safety as well as a bladed trigger safety and a hammer catch that helps prevent the hammer from making contact with the firing pin until someone pulls the trigger.
  • The Ruger Security 9 offers a safe and easy takedown without the need for special tools.


The Ruger Security 9 comes standard as a 15 round magazine handgun, but a 10-round variant is offered too. The Security 9 also comes with a Veridian red laser sight installed.

Ruger Security 9 15-round pistol for sale


The Ruger Security 9 is available with a 10-round magazine, which is slightly smaller than the available 15-round magazine but makes the Security 9 more concealable.

In states with limits on magazine capacity, the Ruger Security 9 10 round offers the same firepower to people who are restricted by the law. The 10-round magazine also offers a bit more concealability but may make it a bit less comfortable to shoot for large hands.

Ruger Security 9 10-Round pistol for sale

Regardless of whether you purchase the 15-round or the 10-round capacity magazine, the pistol you’ll get is the same. Smooth, reliable, and practical. “The Ruger Security 9, launched at the end of 2017, brings a new purpose-built personal-protection pistol to the company's product lineup, providing consumers with another affordable, dependable handgun designed for concealed carry and self-defense.” (2)


The Ruger Security 9 with Viridian E-Series Red Laser only improves upon the simplicity and success of the Security 9 with a high-quality, affordable red laser. The Viridian E-Series Red Laser is installed at the factory, so there’s no work on your part to mount an extra accessory. Ruger teamed up with the experts in affordable, high-quality lasers to provide a superior product from a trusted source.


The laser is securely mounted to the rail and trigger guard with ambidextrous push-button activation. With a battery installed, it weighs a mere half an ounce, adding virtually nothing to this lightweight concealed carry pistol. “This low-cost option is ideal for increasing accuracy in low light conditions.” (3)

Ruger Security 9 pistol for sale


With so many 9mm pistols on the market, it’s tough to choose the best one. Ruger offers several 9mm models for just about every taste. From feature-rich to simple and easy, the Ruger line of 9mm handguns has anything you could ever want. SEE ALL RUGER SECURITY 9

Where does the Security 9 fit in Ruger’s lineup of handguns? Ruger makes several 9mm handguns in dozens of variations including the American, SR1911, SR9 / SR9c, LC9s, and EC9s. SEE ALL RUGER 9MM HANDGUNS



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