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PMC Ammunition

The defining standard in ammunition

History of PMC Ammunition

In 1973, Precision Made Cartridges (PMC) was established to provide South Korea their own munition needs during the Korean War. Because of how successful they became, overruns began popping up with their name, but not their standard of quality. That’s because PMC is a fully, vertically integrated company—meaning, every piece is manufactured from start to finish in their facilities. What is the primary advantage of doing this? Quality control. Rather than relying on other manufacturers, PMC instead chose to assemble everything using their own parts. Every step of the process goes through rigorous quality control standards, resulting in a superior ammunition line.

PMC is highly regarded and enjoys some of the most notable certifications, including the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAMMI) and the United States Military Standards and Specifications (US MIL-STD and US MIL-SPEC). They are also one of the few manufacturing companies to enjoy the ISO bureau Veritas quality control standards certification. Their consistency of quality has confirmed them as a reliable ammunition manufacturer.

In 1992, they began their expansion to the states starting in Cedar Rapids, IA then moved to Texas in 2013. Their original plant in South Korea is still standing and producing incredible ammunition. The standard of quality remains the same whether the ammo is U.S. made or manufactured in South Korea. To this day, PMC Ammunition continues to produce quality, reliable, and dependable ammunition for both military and commercial standards.

PMC Ammunition For Sale

High-quality ammunition is what every firearm owner is looking for. GrabAGun carries several PMC Ammunition lines so you can stock up!

PMC Bronze Rifle and Handgun Ammo

High-performance velocity and accuracy in a cost-effective cartridge—that’s what you can expect from the PMC Bronze line of ammunition. These cartridges allow for high-volume shooting without compromising downrange results. Options like the Bronze Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail 55 Grain Brass .223 Rem 20Rds are manufactured with a full metal jacket and a lead core bullet that is encased in a heavy copper jacket. The result is little or no expansion and deeper penetration. Ideal for target practice, or even some hunting applications, you can stock up with flat-rate shipping and the best deals on ammo online through GrabAGun.

The Bronze line helps to bridge the gap between target shooters or hunters who genuinely want to challenge themselves. To do that, GrabAGun customers choose a box of the Bronze 9MM 115GR FMJ 50Rds. These cartridges are manufactured with the same rigorous quality control standards that you’ve come to expect from PMC ammunition. They come with greater uniformity, reliability, and performance. With a speed of 1150 fps and an energy of 338 ft/lbs, it will easily outperform the competition.


When safety is on the line, reliability isn’t just desired—it’s a necessity. The X-Tac line has been designed so you don’t have to think about it. Tried and tested by both the military and law enforcement around the world, this ammunition is manufactured to the exacting specifications required by such organizations. In stressful situations, you don’t want to worry about the performance of your ammunition, and you won’t have to with the X-Tac XP193 5.56NATO 55Gr FMJ-BT 20Rds. These cartridges feature a speed of 3270 fps, an energy of 1306 ft/lbs, and a boattail floorplate, making them ideal for personal, professional, and competition situations.

PMC X-Tac Match

What happens when you combine the exceptional performance of X-Tac ammunition with the world-class ballistics of Sierra Bullets? The PMC Ammunition X-Tac Match line. Available in two calibers, this superior line is designed in PMC’s facilities and meets every single quality control standard. A great example that you can try is the X-Tac Match Brass .223 Rem 77 Grain 20-Rounds OTM. This is a competition load that features a speed of 2790 fps, an energy of 1296 ft/lbs, and an open tip match for extreme accuracy. Outshoot the competition with a box of this, which you can get with flat-rate shipping and the best deals for ammo online through GrabAGun today!

PMC Battle Packs

Whether you are a competitive shooter or you want a personal supply for your next range trip, buying ammunition in bulk is a must. That said, bulk ammo is not only sometimes hard to find, but it can quickly get expensive. That’s why PMC offers their Battle Pack line. For affordable prices, especially when you buy through GrabAGun, you can get hundreds of cartridges that stand up to the PMC expectation. Each pack is vacuum-sealed and wrapped in a high-density polymer sleeve so you’ll never have to worry about the state of your ammo. GrabAGun customers repeatedly choose the Battle Pack .223 Rem 55 Grain 200-Rounds FMJBT with it’s speed of 3200 fps and its energy of 1250 ft/lbs. As part of the Bronze line, you get the high-velocity performance in a cost-effective cartridge. Then, there’s the Battle Pack 5.56 62 Grain 120-Rounds LAP / FMJ. Between the full metal jacket, light armor piercing bullet, speed of 3100 fps, and energy of 1323 ft/lbs, you simply can’t go wrong.

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