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Supplying first-rate, affordable ammunition for shooters of all varieties

History of Magtech

Magtech Ammunition is a highly successful ammo brand with a renowned reputation for quality, consistency, and reliability. They are part of the holding for a group of one of the largest international ammunition corporations, CBC Global Ammunition, and acts as the corporation’s master distributor to the US market.

From the beginning, Magtech has focused on delivering superior ammunition for anything from sport shooting to self-defense, along with tactical and law enforcement applications. With distribution centers in the United States and Germany, Magtech exports ammo to more than fifty countries worldwide. It is widely used by worldwide Armed Forces and law enforcement in more than 20 different countries. As one of the most successful ammo brands in the world, Magtech focuses on delivering only the best ammunition for shooters of all varieties.

Ruger Ammo Online

Shop GrabAGun’s complete collection of Magtech ammunition and accessories, including its trusted line of handgun, rifle, and shotgun ammo online.

The Best Handgun Ammo

Ideal for training, target shooting, or general range use is Magtech’s 9mm Luger 115GR FMJ handgun ammunition. This ammo features full metal jacket projectiles, which means you’ll experience greater reliability, accuracy, and performance with each and every shot. Plus, with brass casings, you’ll get better corrosion resistance for long-lasting and consistent ammo. Stock up on your extra rounds with GrabAGun’s Magtech Sport Shooting 9mm 115GR FMJ 50 Rounds Per Box and also get fast, flat-rate shipping!

If you’re looking for minimal recoil and superior consistency, look no further than Magtech’s 380 Auto 95GR FMJ! This centerfire handgun ammunition is sure to deliver unrivaled accuracy thanks to its lightweight design, particularly in rapid-fire situations. This easy-to-handle, precise, and powerful load won’t misfire or jam, and it will consistently deliver with every shot you take.

Featuring one of the most popular revolver cartridges in the world, Magtech’s .38 SPL 158GR LRN delivers power and balanced performance at an outstanding cost. This ammo’s Lead Round Nose projectiles make it ideal for use in revolvers and bolt action firearms, and it is an economical choice for a day at the range or as an affordable training round. Delivering accuracy, minimal recoil, and superior aerodynamics, GrabAGun’s Sport Shooting .38SPL 158GR Lead Round Nose 50Rds from Magtech is the perfect choice for cost-effective, first-rate ammunition.

Magtech Rifle Ammo Online

The Magtech First Defense Tactical rifle ammunition is exactly what you need for solid, consistent, and powerful shooting. The 5.56x45mm Ball M193 is a small-caliber, high-velocity round that comes with full metal jackets for bore protection, a lightweight design for better recoil, and perfected construction for easier management. Great in both tactical shooting or training sessions, this load is sure to live up to the Magtech standards of reliability and affordability with every round.

When you want ultimate stopping power, Magtech’s First Defense Tactical 7.62x51mm Ball MIL-STD is there. Designed to penetrate, these rounds exit your firearm at an incredible speed and deliver lethal energy to any target. Perfect for hunting, target practice, competition, and even plinking, this high-performing rifle ammo will help you achieve that perfect shot every time you pull the trigger. Get your own load of this reliable and affordable rifle ammo online with GrabAGun!

The 300 Blackout 115GR OTM has one purpose: extreme accuracy. This load’s secret is the Open Tip Match projectile, specifically designed for 300 Blackout and 5.56mm, with an exceptionally uniform bullet with near-perfect weight distribution. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything as accurate as this ammo, and that makes it perfect for target and competition shooting. For endless accuracy, GrabAGun carries Magtech First Defense Tactical Ammo .300 AAC Blackout 50Rds 115GR OTM ammo online for the best prices and flat-rate shipping!

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