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When you are seeking a lever action rifle GrabAGun is your premier source for all major brands of lever action rifles. From the classic Western-style lever action Henry rifle, to a tactical style Mossberg lever action and everything in between, GrabAGun has the lever action rifles for sale that you are looking for. Our inventory additionally includes Henry, Marlin, Browning, Winchester and many others in the length, caliber and finish you desire. We offer the lever actions desired by re-enactors, trail riders, for short and medium range hunting, as well as for sports and target shooters.

The Spencer repeating rifle was the first significant lever action model designed by Christopher Spencer in 1860. It was a magazine fed lever operated breech-loading rifle that quickly became popular for its seven round tube magazine which enabled the rounds to be fired consecutively. Once emptied it was exchanged for another. The Spencer was adopted by the United States military and used during the American Civil War by Union infantry and cavalry.

The Spencer did not cock the hammer, and this upgrade of design was provided in the Henry Rifle, invented by Benjamin Henry Tyler, with a centrally located hammer that was cocked by the rearward motion of the Henry’s bolt. The Henry placed the magazine under the barrel, rather than in the butt-stock as the Spencer. This design continues in use of tubular magazines since that time.

Marlin followed with its own repeating rifle in 1881 with the Model 1881. Its successor was the Model 1895 known today as Model 336. The Marlin successor Model 1894 was a single stage lever action. In the same year Winchester released a lever action rifle with a double stage lever. Savage Arms Company entered the scene with the introduction of the hammerless Models 1895 and 1899 lever action rifles. The Model 1899, called the Model 99 was discontinued in 2000 due to the expense of manufacturing and declining interest. The Savage Rifle, developed by Arthur Savage used a rotary magazine. In more recent history Sturm Ruger released numerous new designs of lever action rifles for sale during the 1990s.

Rifles such as the Spencer and the Henry were the repeating rifles from which legends were born as buffalo hunters, trappers, and settlers began to migrate further into the west. Today this iconic piece of American history continues to experience a popular demand due to its high rate of fire and shorter overall length. Today’s modern lever action rifles for sale provide accuracy nearer to that of bolt action rifles than in the past, and are considered ambidextrous in sporting guides for sports shooters.

Browse our site and if you don’t find the lever action rifles for sale that you are looking for try refining your search for a specific model or give us a call. Our stock isn’t limited to inventory on site but includes any modern weapon available on the market today and always includes the GrabAGun discount price we are known for.

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