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High-capacity magazines for a fraction of the price

History of KCI

The first KCI manufacturing facility was established in 1984 in South Korea. In 2015, KCI began integration into the United States market, and KCI USA was born. This transition marked a rebranding for the company, in which they placed greater emphasis on quality control, research, and development. As an interactive company, KCI USA focuses on customer service and providing exceptional products at an outstanding value. Specializing in high capacity drum magazines, they are determined to ensure that “today’s magazines are great and tomorrows are even better.”

KCI Magazines for Sale

It’s time to upgrade your firearm and enjoy more shooting with less reloading. Shop GrabAGun’s complete collection from KCI, including its trusted magazines for rifles, handguns, and more.

The Best Handgun Magazines

For extended range shooting, minimal reloading, and a discounted price, look at the KCI 9mm 33Rd Gen 2 Magazine. You won’t have to worry about rough handling with this magazine—it’s constructed from high-tech polymer with a durable polymer coating, which provides enhanced protection against deformation and damage. Plus, you can spend more time shooting and less time reloading with a 33 round capacity and viewing holes. The best part? It is the perfect fit for your Glock 17, 19, 26, and 34, designed to be a near replica of OEM Glock magazines but for only a fraction of the price. Extend your range time today with the best handgun magazines from GrabAGun!

Who says high-capacity magazines are only for rifles? With the 9mm 50Rd Gen 2 Drum Magazine you can get upgraded capacity for your favorite 9mm handgun. Featuring glass-filled polymer construction with heat-treated, high-carbon steel spiral torsion springs, this magazine will feed flawlessly and last a lifetime. It also includes a load-assist lever for faster, simpler loading, and a sleek all black finish. Upgrade your 9mm handguns today with the best gun deals from GrabAGun!

The KCI 9mm 15Rd Gen 2 Magazine, designed specifically to fit your Glock 19 and Glock 26, is the perfect alternative to other high-priced OEM magazines. This magazine’s construction mirrors the precise design of a Glock magwell and delivers range-ready reliability. It’s constructed with heavy-duty steel inserts and encased in a tough polymer coating for enhanced protection in any environment. Plus, it’s got small openings on the rear of the magazine so you’ll always know how many rounds you have left.

AR 15 and AK Rifle Magazines

The AR-15 100Rd Gen 2 Drum Magazine delivers hours of fun for a fraction of the cost. Perfect for your AR-15 pattern rifles chambered in .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm, this drum magazine features reinforced feed lips and tension arms constructed of solid steel. Feeding alternates from the left and right drums with the assistance of two follower belts, which results in a more secure, fixed center of gravity. This means you’ll experience heightened accuracy with every shot. The AR-15 100Rd Gen 2 Drum Magazine is also extremely lightweight, so you won’t be weighed down by the extra rounds during your day at the range.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement magazine or just want to stock up, the AK-47 40Rd Magazine from KCI will meet your every need. Forged from heavy-duty steel and with a Cation Electrodeposition Coating, this magazine is built to withstand even the harshest corrosive environments. It’ll feed reliably throughout its long life with reinforced feed lips and a high-tensile-strength music wire compression spring. If you want a magazine that is perfect for your 7.62x39mm ammo and your AK-47/AKM rifle, check out the AK Magazine 7.62x39 40-Rounds Steel Body from GrabAGun today.

The AK-47 75RD Drum Magazine features a unique back-loading design for upgraded versatility and longevity. Your fingers will be saved since you don’t have to insert rounds under tension, which means you’ll have more time and energy to spend shooting rather than loading. Even better, you can store your rounds indefinitely at full capacity since there is no strain on the spring. Whenever you’re ready to shoot, simply twist the tension key to get proper spring tension. Stop dreaming of better days at the range and get your very own AK-47 Drum Magazine 7.62x39 75-Rounds Back-Loading for the best gun prices online from GrabAGun.

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