Hornady FTX 35 Cal Reloading Bullets, .355" Diameter, 165 Grain

Loading your rounds before the hunting season requires the best components and GrabAGun has you covered with the Hornady FTX 35 Cal reloading bullets. Designed for medium game such as whitetail deer and boar, this bullet is crafted with precise expansion while being effectively stable prior to impact. For your high rated gun, this bullet would be perfect after you load it into your personally designed rounds. Purchase your box from GrabAGun, the best place to buy guns online!
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FTX 35 Cal Reloading Bullets Features

Hornady FTX bullets revolutionized lever-gun ballistics, creating a whole new level of performance for these popular firearms. Lever-gun enthusiasts can now harness the accuracy, power and long-range performance of a tipped bullet that's safe to load in tubular magazines. Hornady FTX Rifle Bullets feature their patented Flex Tip Bullet Technology: Upon impact, the soft tip compresses into the bullet, initiating immediate expansion across a wide range of velocities. Safe to shoot in tubular magazines as well as any other firearm. InterLock Ring : Mechanically locks the core and jacket together for maximum weight retention and deep penetration. Ballistically Efficient Secant Ogive: Pioneered by Hornady the secant ogive profile delivers stability, flat trajectories and amazing accuracy. Specially Engineered Jacket : The heavy jacket over the shank of the bullet combined with our proven InterLock design controls expansion and enhances accuracy.

FTX 35 Cal Reloading Bullets Specifications 

  • MFR:3502
  • UPC:090255235029
  • Caliber:35 Cal
  • Model:FTX
  • Bullet Tip Material:Polymer
  • Application:Medium Game
  • Bullet Diameter:.355
  • Bullet Type:Flex Tip eXpanding
  • Coefficient:.250
  • Core Material:Lead
  • Jacket Material:Copper
  • Quantity:100 Per Box
  • Sectional Density:.193
  • Weight:165 gr
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Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number 3502
Model FTX
Type Reloading
UPC 090255235029
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