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Innovating what’s missing from the AR market

History of HexMag

Aaron Schefter knew he could create an AR magazine that was better than what was on the market in 2013. So, he joined forces with George Brown and the two began experimenting. This new magazine needed to correctly lock into the firearm, feed reliably, and contain additional features such as sturdy, functional slots for reliable charging. It also needed to be easy to clean in desert conditions where dust, dirt, and sand are prominent.

It took a while, but eventually, they were able to find a design that delivered on both form and function. The magazine they designed featured a tool-less frame with an easy-to-release base plate for quick and efficient cleaning and reassembly. Additionally, it featured a brightly colored anti-tipping follower so it would be easy to see if the magazine was empty or not, even in low light conditions. Unlike other metal and plastic models on the market, none met the reliability Schefter and Brown were searching for. That is until they settled on a proprietary, lightweight, fiber-reinforced polymer that they named PolyyHex2 Advanced Composite. Finally, for the grip, since their name was HexMag they decided to put a honeycomb, hexagonal pattern to create high-traction.

Schefter and Brown’s goal was to produce the best magazine that would stand high above their competitors and that’s exactly what they did. The first 30-round HexMag magazine was so popular amongst consumers, HexMag did an industry first and offered a lifetime warranty on their magazines. With a successful launch under their belts, they decided to continue the tweaking process, eventually launching magazines with 10 and 15-round capacities. HexMag strives to create what is missing from the industry, and innovation is at their core. Their products are constantly evolving for the better. Recreational shooters, competitive shooters, and everyone in between know that this is a company they can rely on.

HexMag AR Magazines For Sale

Find exactly what you need at GrabAGun today. We stock all HexMag magazines for AR 15 rifles, AR 10 rifles, as well as the HexMag HexID color ID system to help customize and organize your magazines.

HexMag AR Magazines
Series 2 AR Magazines

There is nothing quite like the original HexMag AR Magazine. This magazine changed the game for AR 15 rifles. At the time of its inception, nothing else had been produced with the same level of reliability and attention to detail. It’s the ideal magazine for any sport, competitor, or tactical shooter who not just expects, but demands superior strength, proven reliability, and exceptional value. The Series 2 AR Magazine is perfect for just about any AR 15 for sale right now. Its features are truly groundbreaking: redesigned feed lip geometry to maximize strength and versatility; stripper clip guides for faster reloading; a deep catch pocket for rock-solid stability; one of the industry’s only true tool-less designs for easy cleaning; and a heat-treated stainless steel spring for extended storage periods. Having a few extra magazines for your AR 15 is never a bad idea, and GrabAGun has everything you need.

SR-25 AR Magazines

When talking about AR-style magazines, the AR 10 platform can’t be forgotten. The SR-25 Magazine is designed for 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) caliber variations. Like all other HexMag products, this features the Sentry Hexture pattern recognized by shooters for its maximum grip and durability. Additionally, it comes with the patented Tool-Less Design for efficient floor plate removal, allowing for easy field cleaning and HexID color customization. Any AR 10 for sale needs magazines that are durable, reliable, and functional. Everything from HexMag provides that and more. This is a name shooters trust for competitions, range shooting, and other situations where dependability is a necessity.

HexMag HexID Color System

You can customize just about every aspect of your AR 15 rifle, so why not include your magazine in that as well? One of the biggest innovations from HexMag is the HexID Color System. With other magazines, it’s hard to tell when one is out, especially if you chamber a variety of different AR15 calibers. What’s more, marking your magazines used to require a lot of paint, time, and patience, but that is no longer the case! The HexID Color Identification System utilizes highly visible colors that allow for coordination and instant recognition of a fully expended magazine. No other magazine company does this. Find the best ways to update your AR 15 rifle through GrabAGun today!

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