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Glock 26 for Sale

First released in 1994, the “Baby Glock” is a firearm explicitly designed for concealed carry. This small framed, short-barreled handgun is compact enough that it can be hidden anywhere on your person. It does all this with 10+1 rounds of 9mm power behind it, although magazines are available in 15, 17, and 33 round capacities. Read more specs, features, reviews and options below.

Glock 26 for Sale


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Speaking of magazines, the beauty of Glock’s firearms is that they are interchangeable with one another. For instance, the Glock 19 magazine fits the Glock 26, so you can swap magazines around if needed.

Even though it has a small frame, the Glock 26 maintains the same width as its full-sized counterparts. Doing so provides more control and a better hold over the firearm for the shooter, which means more useful and accurate self-defense. With a 3.4 inch barrel and 5.3-inch sight radius, you’ll sometimes forget that you even have the Glock 26 on you. It weighs less than a pound and a half, is very comfortable, and has the propensity to disappear right into your holster.



Is the Glock 26 the best sub-compact carry pistol for you? Handguns magazine said, "10+1 rounds of 9mm in a pistol small enough to hide almost anywhere is one heck of a combination—and the reason the Baby Glocks are so popular. Well, one of the reasons. Another reason Glocks are so popular is that they are disgustingly, relentlessly, boringly reliable. Pull the trigger, it goes bang. Period."(1)

What about the trigger? This reviewer said, "...one of the reasons I bought a Glock 26 for my carry gun was that I wanted that nice, clean trigger that GLOCKs are famous for. The 26 doesn’t disappoint. There’s a bit of take-up initially, but it’s very easy to feel exactly where the trigger is going to break. It’s not as clean a break as a SAO gun, but damn close. The reset is both audible and tactile and once you pass the reset point, you can press it again for another shot with no take-up."(2)


What is the difference between a Glock 26 Gen 4 and Gen 5? One difference shooters may notice between the Glock 26 Gen 4 and Gen 5 is the barrel and slide coating. Previously, Glock chose to go with a Tinifer finish, but with Gen 5, the company transitions to nDLC (new Diamond Like Coating). The thinking is that nDLC provides a smoother interaction between the slide and the barrel.

Regarding the trigger, Shooting Illustrated said, "Thanks to the new Gen 5 architecture, the trigger on this Glock 26 is an honest ~5.25 pounds on my RCBS trigger-pull gauge. Further, the weight is fairly consistent along the entire trigger pull...."(3) Glock says there are 35 new or improved parts on a Gen 5 model, but most are simply aesthetic changes. Among those changes are:

  • Revised trigger group
  • Finger grooves removed
  • Flared mag-well for easier magazine insertion
  • Ambidextrous slide locking lever
  • Long-lasting new nDLC (new Diamond Like Coating) finish
  • Marksman barrel has improved rifling for accuracy


Simple, fast, small, affordable, and reliable, the Glock 26 offers a revolutionary design which makes it an excellent option for a concealed carry firearm. Faults are hard to find with this handgun, and while other subcompact firearms are very good, none quite compare to the Glock 26.



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