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Glock Handguns for Sale 


Glock Handguns

When Austrian engineer Gaston Glock founded Glock Ges.m.b.H. in 1981, he had 18 years of experience working with synthetic polymers, but none in firearm design or manufacturing. Not letting his inexperience working with traditional handgun materials deter him, Glock began designing the Glock Model 17, a combat firearm whose use of synthetic materials and modern production techniques made it inexpensive without sacrificing any of the bulletproof quality expected by law enforcement and military users.

Much to the surprise of the international firearm community, in 1982 Glock’s Model 17 pistol was adopted by the Austrian military as the replacement for the Walther P38 handgun, which had been in service since WWII. Despite stiff competition from prominent firearm manufacturers like SIG Sauer, Beretta and FN Herstal, the Glock 17 won out with its inexpensive and lightweight yet high quality design.

Having shattered the stigma associated with polymer guns, the Glock 17, which was already developing a reputation for its outstanding durability, was soon adopted by the Norwegian and Swedish Armed Forces, and by 1992 sales of Glock pistols in America alone had surpassed 250,000 units.

Throughout the years, Glock pistols have undergone numerous updates and modifications, and today command 65% of the market share of handguns sold to American law enforcement agencies.

Glock firearms are a global staple of militaries, police forces, security agencies and civilians, and GrabAGun is proud to carry all of your favorites.