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Marc 2024 Ruger SFAR 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle
Russ C. of Kettering, OH
February 2024 Ruger LCP 75th Anniversary Pistol
Donald S. of Madisonville, KY
January 2024 CZ P-10 9mm Pistols
Mike S. of Hurricane, WV
December 2023 Heckler and Koch MR-762 Rifle
Anthony W. of The Colony, TX
November 2023 Heckler and Koch SP5K
Joey W. of Borger, TX
October 2023 Ruger AR-556 Rifle
Micha B. of Tucson, AZ
September 2023 Springfield Prodigy Pistol
Duane C. of Cedar Park, TX
August 2023 Ruger 5.7 Pistol
Jim B. of St Augustine, FL
July 2023 ATI Omni Maxx Rifle
Nathan F. of Hayes, VA
June 2023 Ruger Max-9 9mm Pistol
Robert C. of Geneva, OH
May 2023 Smith & Wesson FPC 9mm Rifle
Steven S. of Mountain Brook, AL
April 2023 Kel-Tec R50 Rifle
Terry H. of Austin, TX
March 2023 Kel-Tec P15 9mm Pistol
Michael H. of Homosassa, FL
February 2023 Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 Pistol
Douglas D. of Denver, CO
January 2023 Kimber Custom II 1911 Pistol
Michael M. of Lutts, TN
December 2022 Glock 43X Guns and Roses Pistol
Kirk C. of Fort Worth, TX
November 2022 ATI GSG-16 .22LR Rifle
Cliff M. of Richmond, TX
October 2022 Heckler & Koch VP9SK 9mm Pistol
Sean C. of Fort Lauderdale, FL
September 2022 Sig Sauer 365 X-Macro Pistol
Dave J. of Arundel, ME
August 2022 Mossberg Shockwave Shotgun
Matthew H. of Plymouth, MN
July 2022 Sig Sauer P320 M17 Pistol
Jack M. of Warrenton, VA
June 2022 ATI GSG-16 Rifle
Brad H. of Bismarck, ND
May 2022 Tokarev USA 12 GA Bullpup Shotgun
Alex S. of Jacksonville, FL
April 2022 Canik SFX 9mm Pistol
Brad R. of Milwaukee, WI
March 2022 Century Arms AK47 Rifle
Chip W. of Enterprise, AL
February 2022 Pulsefire LRT Flamethrower
Sara R. of Reno, NV
January 2022 Sig Sauer P320 M17 Pistol
Ronald W. of Nashville, TN
Novmeber - December 2021 10 Smith & Wesson Guns, Ammo, and Safe
Noah C. of Tecumseh, MI
October 2021 Glock 43X Midnight Bronze Pistol
Morgan J. of McPherson, KS
September 2021 Century Arms WASR-10 Rifle
Jason L. of Huntsville, AL
August 2021 Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Sport II Rifle
James P. of Elyria, OH
July 2021 Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Pistol
Carolyn S. of Ironwood, MI
June 2021 Ruger LCP .380 ACP Pistol
Jane E. of Fernandina Beach, FL
May 2021 Glock 19 9mm Pistol
Michael G. of Tucson, AZ
April 2021 Smith & Wesson Shield Plus 9mm
Brandon G. of Columbia, MO
March 2021 Panzer BP-12 Shotgun
David S. of Windthorst, TX
February 2021 Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Pistol
Joseph F. of Rosedale, MD
January 2021 Glock 17 Pistol
Bryan M. of Hamilton, OH
December 2020 Ruger American Pistol
Bradley H. of Snellville, GA
November 2020 Kel-Tec CP-33 Pistol
John R. of Walls, MS
October 2020 Ruger AR-556 Rifle
Ross H. of New Rockford, ND
September 2020 Citadel 12 GA Shotgun
Arianna W. of Savannah, GA
August 2020 Ruger American Rifle
Pete W. of Gig Harbor, WA
July 2020 Remington R-51 Pistol
Tim D. of Fairdale, KY
June 2020 FN FNX-9 Pistol
Rob R. of Washoe Valley, NV
May 2020 Canik Elite One Pistol
Kevin P. of Grant, NM
April 2020 Sig Sauer P365
Sharon W. of Jasper, FL
March 2020 Beretta 92FS
Tim K. of Addison, TX
February 2020 Century Arms AK-47
Lesia S. of Trout Run, PA
January 2020 Smith and Wesson Shield EZ 9mm Pistol
Wiley S. of Corpus Christi, TX
December 2019 Sig Sauer P938 Spartan 9mm Pistol
Cary J. of Walkersville, MD
November 2019 Springfield Hellcat 9mm Pistol
Kevin I. of Shaker Heights, OH
October 2019 Ruger AR-556 Rifle
Mitchell H. of New Braunfels, TX
September 2019 Sig Sauer P320 Pistol
Tim E. of Austin, TX
August 2019 Springfield 1911 Pistol
Chad P. of Summerville, SC
July 2019 Freedom Ordnance FX-9 AR Pistol
Charles W. of St. Augustine, FL
June 2019 Smith and Wesson 1911 E-Series Pistol
David R. of Louisville, KY
May 2019 Ruger AR-556 Pistol
Ken F. of Machesney Park, IL
April 2019 Mossberg MC1SC 9mm Pistol
William H. of Louisville, KY
March 2019 The Gun Co Custom Glock 19
Bryon W. of Gentry, AR
February 2019 ATI Omni 556 Pistol
Benjamin P. of Geismar, LA
January 2019 Sig Sauer P938 Legion
Terry H. of Tucson, AZ
December 2018 Ruger American Rifle
Jeff K. of Cimarron, KS
November 2018 Walther PPQ M2 Q4 Tac Pistol
Robert B. of Wetumpka, AL
October 2018 Panzer Arms BP-12 Shotgun
Don R. of Gulfport, MS
September 2018 Kel-Tec CMR-30 Giveaway
William C. of Mundelein, IL
August 2018 Kimber K6S Giveaway
Keith M. Of Auburn, WA
July 2018 Heckler and Koch VP9 Giveaway
Terry S. of Pendleton, OR
June 2018 Kel-Tec KSG Giveaway
Ruth D. of Spring, TX
May 2018 Anderson AM-15 Giveaway
Keith M. of Chandler, AZ
April 30, 2018 Ruger AR-556 Giveaway
Charles P. of Dallas, TX
April 21, 2018 Ruger AR-556 Giveaway
Lucas P. of Sparks, NV
April 14, 2018 Ruger AR-556 Giveaway
Randy H. of Edmond, OK
March 2018 Ruger Precision 6mm Rifle Giveaway
Kyle R. of Colorado Springs, CO
February 2018 Remington Tac-14 12GA Shotgun Giveaway
Larry D. of Dubuque, IA
January 2018 Springfield 1911 TRP 10mm Giveaway
Lee M. of Rutland, VT
December 2017 Henry Goldenboy 357 Giveaway
Randy H. of Dallas, TX
November 2017 Savage 11 6.5 Creedmoor Giveaway
Michael C. of Lehigh Acres, FL
October 2017 IWI Galil Giveaway
Marsha K. of Del City, OK
September 2017 Springfield 1911 Giveaway
Dhyan H.. of Litnchfield Park, AZ
August 2017 Sig Sauer P220 Giveaway
Ryan B. of Wichita, KS
July 2017 Walther PPQ M2 Giveaway
Ron S. of Pinehurst, NC
June 2017 DPMS Panther AR-15 Giveaway
Rod C. of Cedar Hill, TX
May 2017 Kimber Micro 9 9mm Pistol Giveaway
Alan G. of Kingston, NY
April 2017 Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm Pistol Giveaway
Jarrett H. of Erie, PA
March 2017 CZ P-09 9mm Pistol Giveaway
Mark M. of Spring, TX
February 2017 Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield Performance Center Giveaway
Lloyd J. of Erlanger, KY
January 2017 ATI Omni AR-15 Giveaway
Art R. of Miami, FL
December 30, 2016 Ruger LC9s Giveaway
Christine M. of Newark, OH
December 23, 2016 Ruger LC9s Giveaway
Carlos E. of Phoenix, AL
December 16, 2016 Ruger LC9s Giveaway
Jonathan B. of Montgomery, AL
December 9, 2016 Ruger LC9s Giveaway
Margaret L. of Fort Mohave, AZ
November 2016 Adams Arms Agency AR-15 Giveaway
Brian B. of Stonewall, LA
October 2016 Autograhped Larry Vickers Glock 17 Giveaway
Sean P. of Liberal, KS
September 2016 Heckler and Koch VP9 Giveaway
Johnny M. of Douglasville, GA
August 2016 Del-Ton Echo FDE 5.56 NATO Giveaway
Daryl H. of Aitkin, MN
July 2016 Smith and Wesson M&P9 9mm Giveaway
Dennis W. of Dolan Springs, AZ
June 2016 Springfield 1911 Range Officer Giveaway
Zac H. of Las Vegas, NV
May 2016 ATI Omni Maxx Hybrid AR-15 Giveaway
Tim S. of Coppell, TX
April 2016 Heckler & Koch VP9 Pistol Giveaway
Joseph T. of Macon, GA
March 2016 Remington 700 CDL .30-06 Rifle Giveaway
Barry J. of Keller, TX
February 2016 Springfield XD Mod.2 Pistol Giveaway
Scott S. of St. Ignace, MI
January 2016 Ruger American Pistol Giveaway
Dave N. of Farmington, UT
December 2015 Springfield XDS Giveaway
Kenneth Z. from Oshkosh, WI
November 2015 ATI Over/Under Shotgun Giveaway
Richard H. from Brinson, GA
October 2015 Remington Giveaway
Keith W. from Jacksonville, FL
September 2015 Ruger/SilencerCo Giveaway
Lawrence C. from Victoria, TX
August 2015 FN FNS-9 Giveaway
Mike M. from Tucson, AZ
July 2015 Ruger Mini-14 Giveaway
David B. from Fallon, NV
June 2015 CZ Scorpion Giveaway
Mark N from Colony, TX
May 2015 Glock 43 Giveaway
Russ H. from Glendale, AZ
April 2015 CZ Scorpion Giveaway
Alec M. From Charlotte, NC
March 2015 Bushmaster AR-15 Giveaway
Steve M. from Cincinnati, OH
February 2015 ATI GSG STG-44 Giveaway
Patrick W. from Henrietta, TX
January 2015 Arsenal SLR Giveaway
Raymond S. from Breckenridge, TX
December 2014 Ruger Gunsite Giveaway
John F. from Phoenix, AZ
November 2014 Browning X-Bolt Giveaway
Gary D. from Plano, TX
October 2014 Kel-Tec KSG Giveaway
Marcus B. of Texas
September 2014 Smith & Wesson M&P-15 Giveaway
Joel S. of Arizona
August 2014 Ruger Mini-14 Giveaway
David C. of Tennessee
July 2014 Sig Sauer 1911 Giveaway
Lonnie S. of Michigan
June 2014 Ruger SR1911 Giveaway
Donald F. of Washington
May 2014 Ruger GP100 Giveaway
Nick S. of New York
April 2014 Bushmaster XM-15 Giveaway
Gerald M. of Missouri
March 2014 Four Ruger Giveaway
David B. of Tennessee, Donald C. of Arizona, Michael L. of New Mexico, and Troy G. of Texas
February 2014 MossBerg Giveaway
Ivan T. of Texas and Robert A. of Kansas
January 2014 Bushmaster XM-15 Giveaway
Matthew H of West Virginia
December 2013 Sig Sauer M400 Giveaway
Steven B. of Florida
November 2013 Mossberg JM Pro 930 Giveaway
Charles G. of Oklahoma
October 2013 Smith & Wesson M&P-15 Giveaway
Billy H. of Georgia
September 2013 Savage .308 Rifle Giveaway
Teresa S. of Oklahoma
August 2013 Century PAP Pistol Giveaway
James D. of Troy, Illinois
July 2013 Bushmaster XM-15 Giveaway
Tina R. of North Carolina
June 2013 Bushmaster XM-15 Giveaway
Greg B. of Oklahoma
May 2013 Smith & Wesson M&P-15 Giveaway
Jeff O. of North Carolina
April 2013 Bushmaster XM-15 Giveaway
Ben B. of Arizona
March 2013 Bushmaster XM-15 Giveaway
Adam F. of Oregon
February 2013 Bushmaster XM-15 Giveaway
Jay T. of South Dakota
January 2013 Smith & Wesson M&P-15 Giveaway
Jennifer P. of Illinois
December 2012 Ruger SR1911 Giveaway
Sam Z. of Pennsylvania
November 2012 Kel-Tec KSG Giveaway
Jackie L. of Arizona
October 2012 Smith & Wesson Shield Giveaway
Charles W. of North Carolina
September 2012 Kel-Tec KSG Giveaway
William H. of Michigan
August 2012 Springfield XDS Giveaway
Jared M. of Pennsylvania
July 2012 Kel-Tec KSG Giveaway
Cameron N. of California
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