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Franklin Armory

Creating Products for Restrictive Jurisdictions

History of Franklin Armory

Franklin Armory was founded in 2012 by Jay Jacobson with the sole purpose of manufacturing high-quality AR firearms for the masses. In that time, they have become well known for their self-proclaimed creative products including the Binary Firing System, Reformation, Providence, The F17 series of rimfire rifles in 17 WSM, and other finely machined arms. As the Franklin Armory owner says, they have a proclivity at “creating products for restrictive jurisdictions.”

Franklin Armory is dedicated to creating firearms that aren’t just stunning to look at, but functional and reliable as well. That dedication can be found in every single product they produce.

Franklin Armory Guns For Sale

To get an AR platform that you can trust, without the hassle, check out Franklin Armory. GrabAGun has a complete catalog of their products including rifles, pistols, Binary triggers, and more!

Franklin Armory Modern Sporting Rifles

If you are looking for a quality personal defense rifle, then you need the Franklin Armory BFSIII M4. It all starts with a standard FAI-15 lower-receiver, which includes the legendary BFSIII Binary Trigger System. That system is pre-installed, tested from the factory, and only gets included after passing a rigorous quality inspection. The upper receiver is constructed from 7075-T6 aluminum and features a 16-inch, 1:7 twist, LW contour barrel that has deadly accuracy. Other features include a 15-inch M-LOK FST rail, M4 stock, and A2 grips for a comfortable and custom experience. It’s all completed with a 30-round magazine chambered in 5.56. Try it for yourself when you pick up the Franklin Armory BFSIII M4 5.56 / .223 Rem 16” Barrel 30-Rounds. Get the best deals on AR rifles for sale from GrabAGun today!

The F17L by Franklin Armory is the first-ever gas-operated semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered in .17 WSM. They found that the direct impingement action is actually safer–and more reliable–than the traditional blowback designs making this rifle a dream come true for many varmint hunters. The majority of the components for the F17L are based on the traditional AR-style platform, so users will benefit from the many aftermarket options available. Plus, there is a significantly reduced learning curve. It features the Franklin Armory Libertas proprietary billet upper and lower receiver, a custom-designed .17 WSM bolt carrier group, a direct impingement gas system, a Magpul MOE rifle stock, and a 10-round magazine. There is even a comprehensive safety manual, California-certified cable lock, and lockable case that comes with every rifle purchased.

A popular rifle from the brand is the M4-HTF R3 XTD. This is an AK-47 that delivers. Each FAI-15 comes equipped with its own unique firing system packed into a high-quality rifle with a host of upgrades. It comes with a 16-inch barrel surrounded by a 15-inch FSR M-LOK handguard, which not only provides protection but plenty of real estate for accessories as well. Additional features include an Aura muzzle device that aids in muzzle rise, an MFT EVOLV charging-handle latch, and a stock, trigger guard, and pistol grip from B5 systems. It even comes equipped with an optics-ready flat-top as well as a 30-round magazine chambered in 5.56 NATO / .223 Remington. Pick up your own Franklin Armory M4-HTF R3 XTD 5.56 NATO / .223 REM 16” Barrel 30-Rounds for some of the best gun deals online from GrabAGun today!

Franklin Armory Semi-Automatic Handguns

The CA7 is Franklin Armory’s first-ever AR pistol on the California DOJ Approved Safe Handgun Roster. Franklin Armory began with the mission to provide Californians with high-quality, legal, and reliable firearms. That’s where the CA7 comes in. It features an aluminum receiver with a black hard-coat anodized finish, a 7.5-inch stainless steel barrel with a black nitride finish, an A2 muzzle brake, and a 10-round magazine chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. Additionally, it comes with an FST M-LOK compatible handguard for comfort and customization. No matter what, you can’t go wrong with a Franklin Armory pistol for sale.

If you are looking for something truly innovative, then check out the Franklin Armory XO-26. This is a crossover between rifles and pistols. In fact, the 26 in the name is a reference to the absolute minimum length of the firearm as allotted by federal law. To ensure that owners could purchase this, and still have it qualify as a non-AOW, Franklin Armory actually made the barrel length an inch longer. That way, shooters could remove the muzzle device and still have a legal firearm, as well as see the chamber indication much easier. Options like the Franklin Armory XO-26 Pistol 450BM 11.5 Inch 1Rd have additional features including an A4 flat-top forged from 7075-T6 aluminum, full Picatinny rail, pop up front and rear sights, and an FST M-LOK handguard. For a rifle for sale, at the most affordable rates, then check out GrabAGun today!

Franklin Armory Binary Triggers

Perhaps one of the most in-demand items that Franklin Armory manufactures is their Binary Triggers. These are some of the most popular triggers on the market that can be used in any Franklin Armory or any other appropriate platform. While there have been many variations, and there will be many more to come, the Franklin Armory Binary Firing System Gen 3 for 10/22 is the best of the best. It’s easy to install, though gunsmith installation is typically recommended. It’s great for competition shooters, tactical shooters, and recreational enthusiasts. Add this to your Ruger 10/22 and you’ll have the most fun you could possibly have!

Another great option is the BFSIII Binary Firing System Curved Trigger. This is appreciated by gun competitors, tactical shooters, and recreational enthusiasts alike. With it, you get three safe modes: safe, semi-auto, and binary. There is no custom fitting with this trigger—in fact, it has an incredibly easy drop-in installation. Additional features include a positive reset release phase as well as a stronger buffer spring, which reduces the possibility of hammer follow. It works with every AR application including AR 10’s, AR 15’s, MPX, and others. If you have an F17, .22LR upper, or even a 9mm upper, this trigger will work with them as well. GrabAGun has all your firearm parts at affordable rates. Get what you need online now!

Franklin Armory Magazines & Accessories When you are at the range, the last thing you want is to waste time reloading. That’s why it’s helpful to pick up multiple magazines to reduce that time. Franklin Armory manufactures a variety of OEM magazines that will fit your firearms perfectly. You’ll never have to worry about malfunctions or misfeeds with something like the Franklin Armory DFM Magazine 6.5 Grendel 10-Rounds. Easily convert any AR-15 to a 10-round firearm with this fixed magazine design. What’s more, there are no permanent alterations! You can also get magazines chambered in other calibers like the Franklin Armory F17 .17 WSM 10-Round. This is a great option that allows for 10 or 20-rounds, depending on your needs. Made from durable materials, just like the rest of their products, this is one that you can depend on for years to come. Get the best gun deals online from GrabAGun today!
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