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History of Federal

It all started in 1922 with the vision of Charles L. Horn: quality products and service that would last generations. With Horn’s unwavering demand for excellence and high-quality assurance standards, his company (then called Federal Cartridge Corporation) quickly became an iconic name in the firearms industry. Today, Federal Ammunition continues to make some of the best centerfire, shotshell, and rimfire ammunition, along with first-rate components, continuing their legacy of excellence and innovation.

Federal Ammunition for Sale
Reliable Handgun Ammunition

A favorite type of ammo here at GrabAGun is the American Eagle 5.7x28mm 40 Gr. FMJ, and it’s not hard to see why. These rounds are engineered for a muzzle velocity of 1655 fps. and a 50-yd. velocity of 1387 fps. Each round also has a reusable brass casing. Any handgun user with a 5.7x28mm handgun would do well to order a box of these reliable, powerful, and iconic rounds.

The Federal Range and Target 9mm Luger 115 Gr. centerfire handgun rounds are perfect for your next target-shooting trip or competition. With full metal jacket brass casings, they have a muzzle energy of 356 ft. lbs. and a muzzle velocity of 1180 fps. This ammo is non-corrosive and offers comparatively low recoil while still delivering consistent power. With this dependable ammo, any shooter is guaranteed the best chance at hitting their mark every time. Buy Federal Range and Target 9mm ammo in bulk and still enjoy GrabAGun’s flat rate ammo shipping price.

Another popular addition to Federal’s handgun ammo collection is the Champion 9mm 50-Rounds 115-Grain FMJ. This ammo is both reliable and consistent, featuring a quality brass and primer along with hard full metal jackets that will both feed smoothly and prevent bore fouling. For those committed to honing their skills as marksmen and markswomen, these affordably priced target practice rounds are the best choice. Get started on upgrading your shooting with this online ammo from GrabAGun!

Accurate Rifle Ammo

Federal’s line of American Eagle ammunition is renowned for being the brand’s most inexpensive line of ammo that doesn’t sacrifice value and quality. The American Eagle XM193 5.56 NATO 55 Gr. FMJ rifle rounds, a preferred choice for online ammo at GrabAGun, enables quality target practice performance at a reasonable and affordable price. High-volume shooting is no problem for this ammo; with accurate rotational stability and a solid hard copper jacket design, it will always deliver. Picking up a box or a case of these is an obvious choice for those who are serious about improving their craft.

Another GrabAGun American Eagle favorite is the American Eagle .223 Rem. Rifle FMJ. This rifle ammo, which features a voidless lead core and supple brass casings, is definitely for winning shooters. These lightweight (55 grain) rounds are designed with quality in mind—for those who want to get some serious practice in without breaking the bank. With superior brass cases, ensured muzzle velocity, and excellent ignition, they’re a great choice for practice or small game shooters.

Versatile Shotgun Ammunition

No embellishments are needed for Federal’s lines of Shotshell Ammunition—time and time again this ammo has delivered tried and true performance and accuracy. In fact, fans at GrabAGun love the PowerShok Rifled Hollow Point Slug 12GA for its proven track record in quality and excellence. These shotshells feature a traditional lead-core bullet with insane knock-down power. They are perfect for hunters looking for effective, reliable, and affordable ammo for close-to and mid-range big game. Increase your gun’s performance and buy this ammo online for the best price from GrabAGun!