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EAA Corp

Quality, Affordable, Always Reliable

History of EAA Corp

EAA Corp was founded with one idea in mind—give the American Firearms Consumer the best value in firearms and they did just that. Each item that is produced goes through rigorous testing and must answer each of these points:

  • Good, safe design
  • Quality material
  • Quality manufacturing process/procedures
  • Unique designs
  • Dynamic manufacturers
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Reasonable fit and finish

If a product or manufacturer can meet all these requirements, then it gets the EAA Corp logo. These are items that are meant to be used. They do not produce “wallflower” firearms, instead, they rely on their core philosophy of producing good quality products at reasonable prices. In fact, they are one of the few firearm companies that have not had any major price increases in the last few years. This feat is accomplished through sharp buyers, good products, and a hardworking staff.

EAA Corp is customer satisfaction, performance-driven company, dedicated to providing you with the best quality firearms at the best possible prices. Everything they stand for is infused in their products, including their Windicator revolver, Girsan and Witness handguns, long guns, and more.

EAA Corp Guns For Sale

GrabAGun proudly carries many of your favorite EAA Corp firearms, including the Windicator, GiRSAN, Witness, and more. Find the best gun deals online here!

EAA Corp Windicator

If you are looking for a dependable everyday carry firearm, look no further than the EAA Corp Windicator . This is a revolver with a long and proud history in the World of Small Arms. Made in Germany by Weihrauch Revolver with a sturdy, medium-sized steel frame, you can carry this with confidence. Choose a nickel finish or blue/black for your firearm. It features a 4-inch steel barrel, hammer block safety, double-action trigger, and 6-round capacity chambered in options such as .38 Special or .357 Magnum. This is not for the faint of heart; the Windicator has a kick, but it’s a reliable, tested, and trusted firearm used by thousands. Get your own revolver for sale from GrabAGun today!

Another quality revolver you may like is the EAA Corp Bounty Hunter. Though it’s made in Germany, this revolver has a long and reputable history here in the states. What makes this one so special? There are only a few single-action revolvers that are as reliable as this one. It features a recessed chamber and transfer bar for shooting safety as well as a barrel ranging from 4.5-inches to 7.5-inches in length. With 6-rounds chambered in calibers such as .22 LR / .22 WMR, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, and .45 LC, you can’t go wrong with this one. The Bounty Hunter is, hands down, the best performing and most affordable choice for a Cowboy Action Shooting firearm.

Semi-Automatic Handguns
EAA Corp Girsan GiRSAN Regard MC

Refined and evolved, the EAA GiRSAN Regard MC was based on the Beretta 92 pistol used by the US Military. What resulted is a NATO-approved, full-sized sidearm that is actually preferred by many military and police forces around the world. In fact, the Vice President of EAA uses this pistol as his everyday carry. If that’s not enough to sell you, then take a look at the specs. This firearm features an aluminum frame, accessory rail for lights, ambidextrous safety, drift adjustable sights, and slide serrations. Some models even come with Far-Dot Optic mounts, so you’ll never miss a shot. With an 18-round magazine chambered in 9mm, there is nothing stopping you from getting one for yourself. Pick it up for the best 9mm handgun deals from GrabAGun today.

GiRSAN Regard MC Gen4

What happens when you take the famous Regard model to the next level? You get two models that are geared more towards competition shooting: the Regard MC Gen 3 and Gen 4. These are competition-ready firearms that will never fail you. A popular choice is the EAA Corp Girsan Regard MC Gen4 9mm 4.9” Barrel 18-Rounds Blue Grips. Not only is it a powerful firearm, but it is also a stunning item. It features G10 grips, with a stunning bright blue finish, steel slide, and a lightweight alloy frame. On the Gen 4, the safety comes on the slide, but if you pick a Gen 3 it will be on the frame. One thing you’ll only find on the Gen 4 is the decocker which rebounds for a faster return to action. A standout feature of both firearms is the Window Grip and Window Magazine. This unique attribute allows you to see how many rounds are still chambered without having to remove the magazine. GiRSAN MC1911S

If you’re searching for a full-sized 1911 model, then the EAA MC1911 Government models are what you need. The 1911 is a classic model that is perfect for everyday carry and even competition purposes. EAA Corp carries two options: the MC1911-S and the MC1911-S-TV, the former features adjustable sights while the latter comes with Red Dot carry optics. Either way, you are getting a quality firearm that you can depend on. Customers love the EAA Corp Girsan MC1911 Government .45 ACP 5” Barrel 8-Rounds Commander Optic because of everything it comes equipped with. This pistol features an ambidextrous safety, an extended beavertail, accessory rail, deep slide serrations, and a full steel machined frame and slide for rock-solid performance. With an 8-round magazine chambered in .45 ACP, you’ll have an EDC firearm that will work in any situation. Get the best deals on 1911 handguns from GrabAGun today!

EAA Witness

The EAA Corp Witness Stock II by Tanfoglio is yet another example of a firearm manufacturer committing to the production of only the finest quality handguns for all levels of shooters. The Stock II is a worldwide favorite due to the fact that it’s offered at insanely affordable prices, yet it still comes loaded with features commonly found on more expensive pistols. Options such as the EAA Corp Witness Stock II 10mm 15Rd 4.5-Inch Chrome are well-loved because of their fusion of appearance and performance. It features a DA/SA trigger, fully adjustable sights, checkered front/back straps for comfort, an extended ambidextrous safety, a heart-shaped hammer, and an extended magazine release. The fit and feel is so comfortable, you’ll wonder why you didn’t pick one up for yourself sooner!

Witness Match Pro

For superior accuracy, a lightweight and durable polymer frame, excellent ergonomics, and an affordable price point look no further than the EAA Corp Witness Match Pro. Like everything else in the Witness line, it comes equipped with features typically found on more expensive pistols. However, you’ll only pay a fraction of the cost for an EAA Witness. Each firearm features a competition frame that weighs in at just under 2-pounds as well as fully adjustable sights, extended magazine release, integral accessory rail, and a SA/DA trigger. With 14-rounds chambered in options such as 10mm, .45 ACP, and 9mm, you can carry this every day and know that you can depend on it. Get the best handgun deals online from GrabAGun today!

EAA Akkar Churchill

The Akkar Churchill series of shotguns are built for the traditionalist looking for a reliable and trusted home defense pump-action shotgun. With a standard grip stock and unbeatable features, the Churchill 612 fits the bill. There are slight variations to the model from the most standard to a tactical version that is great for police or personal defense. The Churchill 612 Tactical is a rugged 5-round shotgun, chambered in 12-gauge, that you can depend on in just about any situation. It features a pistol grip with a Picatinny receiver rail for optics or lights, an extended tactical choke tube, and a ghost ring sight. With an 18.5-inch barrel and tactical crown muzzle brake, you’ll never have to worry again.

In the same line, the EAA Akkar Churchill 620 is another quality home defense shotgun that you’ll want in your collection. Like every other firearm in the lineup, this delivers an exceptional, reliable, and consistent performance. It features an 18.5-inch barrel with a crown muzzle brake, a standard stock, and a Picatinny receiver rail for optics or lights. No longer will you have to suffer through a 12-gauge recoil beat-up with this shotgun. It cycles 20-gauge shells flawlessly and even comes with a tactical breach tube. With fiber optic front sights, you’ll wonder what took you so long to pick one up for yourself. Get the best deals on shotguns for sale from GrabAGun today!


GiRSAN doesn’t just produce quality handguns. They also have an extensive collection of long guns, including the GiRSAN MC312. Consider this your go-to, everyday truck-gun. This is a powerful, reliable, and yet easy-to-use shotgun that won’t break the bank. EAA actually ran a 5000-round test with no cleaning and no problems. They even pushed it through a 10,000-round test, without replacing any of the parts, and found the endurance unparalleled by anything on the market. It features a 28-inch vent rib barrel, 3.5-inch chamber, front bead sight, a synthetic stock, and a 5-round capacity chambered in 12-gauge.

If hunting is more your speed, then the GiRSAN MC312 Gobbler is what you’ll need. A powerful semi-automatic shotgun, this delivers an unforgettable performance. Built on the MC312 platform, this features a combo camo and Cerakote finish. There are no shiny surfaces on the firearm so you’ll never have to worry about unwanted visibility. Acquire targets faster with the 24-inch mid-bead barrel and with the low mount optic, that task is even easier. A Picatinny rail is actually machined into the receiver, a feature usually reserved for custom or more expensive competition shotguns. That rail helps put an end to wobbly optics, often referred to as “giraffe neck.” Additional features include a fiber optic front sight, rubber but pad, polymer stock and forend, screw-in chokes, and a 5-round capacity. For the best gun deals online, look no further than GrabAGun!

EAA Magazines & Accessories

Having a few extra magazines on hand for range days or just because is never a bad idea. They allow you to reduce reloading times as well as stay prepared for anything. For handgun owners, the EAA Corp Witness Magazine Blued 10mm 14Rds is a great backup to have. This holds 14 extra rounds in a durable steel frame that will feed and function flawlessly. The EAA Corp Appeal 22WMR Magazine 10Rd features a polymer build with a window to see how many rounds are still loaded. Get the best deals on magazines and ammo online from GrabAGun today!

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