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derringers for sale

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In 1825 Henry Deringer designed the first large caliber, short barreled pistols that gained him fame. At the time the pistols were muzzle loading single action shots and latter to a lesser degree, a double barreled over and under. Later designs used the percussion cap action but both models continued in production at the time. They were marketed by the 1830s, and the diminutive derringers for sale became a highly sought after firearm with Deringer selling them as fast as he could make them. It was a Deringer pistol that was used by John Wilkes Booth to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

After Deringer’s death other gun manufacturers began making the gun, and to avoid legal conflict they added an addition letter ‘r’ to Deringer, creating the ‘derringer’ of which it is still called today. The category of derringer among firearms refers to any small pocket sized pistol.

The derringer was used as a carry concealed pistol and continues to be used in the same manner today. It is often utilized by law enforcement as well as some individuals as a back-up weapon. The derringer is easy to conceal, and should be considered as a point blank range gun due to its limited range. The derringer fits its niche in guns very well and is easier to conceal in situations where other firearms can’t be.

It is also small enough to conceal in a hand if you feel threatened by someone who is approaching you. If you are wrong and they walk on by without bothering you, they are none the wiser and haven’t called the police.

Anyone who thinks the occasional slip up with a concealed weapon won’t land you in a lengthy conversation with the police think again, it does happen. Keep your carry concealed permit on you and utilize clothing that helps to conceal whatever type of pistol you carry. Loose clothing, and darker colors will help to conceal the imprint of a firearm. Being easier to conceal is the advantage of carrying a derringer, and there are numerous models to select from among modern derringers for sale.

Derringers require practice like any other firearm, and practice will give you a better idea of the range of your individual weapon. Keep in mind, the short barreled derringer will have a limited range. Get used to all aspects of handling the weapon, cocking it, reloading it as well as firing it. The small grip will make for a different experience in handling it, pulling it and hitting the target. Practice will make you familiar with it, and due to its tiny size it is likely to be a whole different experience, but once you gain familiarity and accuracy, the selection of little derringers for sale will provide you with an extra layer of protection. If an assailant knocks you down and your primary goes flying out of reach the little derringer can serve to get him off the top of you and out of your face.

GrabAGun offers more than 140 models of derringers for sale, with brands such as Bond, Charter and Cobra to name a few. You will find caliber selection from .22 cal. to .45 ACP to 9mm and everything in between. If you don’t find the specific derringers for sale that you seek, give our helpful customer service agents a call. We can locate the weapon you desire and provide the GrabAGun discount.

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