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Versatile ingenuity steeped in Czech tradition

History of CZ

In an effort to keep military production plants from falling into the hands of Nazi forces, state-owned plants known as “CZ’s”, in what is now known as the Czech Republic, were re-built further away from the Czech borders. In this rebuilding process one manufacturer (CZ’s sister company today), Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod became today’s CZ’s namesake.

Since then, they haven’t stopped creating new firearms, including several types of handguns. Eventually, in 1992, CZ went from being a state-owned production center to a private company though they continued innovating, and in 1975, created the CZ-75 pistol. Its subsidiary company, CZ-USA, was established in 1997. Today CZ remains one of the largest Czech exporters and continues to specialize in manufacturing the best military, sporting, and hunting firearms.

CZ Guns for Sale

GrabAGun is proud to carry all of your favorites. Buy from CZ’s trusted line of pistols, shotguns, and rifles including:

Since 1975, the CZ-75 line-up has served a generation of shooters well. Some of the most popular models include the CZ Shadow and the CZ-75 B. In fact, the CZ-75 B is one of the best small handguns available. What sets it apart is its internal firing pin safety, serrated squared trigger guard, and ring hammer. In addition, this model has a low recoil, a last-round hold-open chamber, and a 2-column magazine, making it perfect for sporting or self-defense. All of this, coupled with a compact design, make it an ideal handgun for women. It’s currently one of the best pistols for sale right now.

One of CZ’s most popular lines is the Scorpion Evo. Known for bringing back the popular qualities of the Škorpion vz. 61, this carbine line is a legal and up-to-date pistol that firearms enthusiasts are obsessed with. Take, for example, the Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Pistol 9MM 7.7” Barrel 20-Rounds Adjustable Sights. Based on the submachine platform model, it’s now available for civilians as a pistol. It’s completely 922(r) compliant due to the addition of US-made parts. With adjustability for days, the Scorpion Evo 3 S1 is compatible with most pistol-caliber suppressors and includes a Picatinny rail and a folding adjustable brace. It's an ideal carbine pistol for all kinds of users; for instance, it’s got fully ambidextrous controls, iron sights, and endlessly customizable components. CZ’s original Škorpion vz. 61 may have come out in 1957, but the idea behind it lives on in this carbine so civilian shooters can experience all its classic qualities and modern features.

The CZ SP-01 is another iteration of the CZ 75. It features a full-size frame and slide, a large beavertail, and a modern rubber grip designed to enable a full and confident grip. In addition, it features an accessory rail for flashlights, lasers, or whatever else you may wish to add to your pistol. The steel construction ensures years of service. Firing 18 rounds of 9mm ammo, the SP-01’s ergonomics provide minimum perceived recoil for maximum performance. With this pistol, you get all the quality of the original CZ 75, with the modern features to make quick and consistent shooting.

As a compact variant of the CZ-75, the CZ P-07 is the first pistol to feature an Omega trigger system that has a convertible decocker/safety system which can be switched between a locking lever and a safety. The new trigger design allows for better trigger pull. A GrabAGun favorite is the CZ P-07 9MM 3.8-Inch 15Rds Omega Trigger System. Many say the best part of this firearm is the convertible decocker/safety system, which can be cocked and locked like a 1911 or decocked for a double-action first pull of the trigger. The P-07 was updated in 2014 to have smoother, more ergonomic edges for easier carrying. With tradition and innovation in mind, the P-07 is just one more way CZ brings together the best of the past and the future.

Absolutely loaded with features, the CZ P-09 comes in both double and single action, with a smooth pull and tight-slide-to-frame fit. Made as a full-size version of the P-07, it’s available in both black and OD Green. In addition, it has a luminous green-dot sight and a high-cut trigger guard, making it one of the best handguns on the market. It holds up to the coldest, toughest conditions with its polymer build and large trigger frame for use, even while wearing gloves. GrabAGun customers confidently carry the CZ P-09 Duty Black 9mm 4.5-Inch 19Rd. This double action, full size, polymer frame handgun comes with 2 magazines, ambidextrous safety lever, and exceptional accuracy with a slide-to-frame fit that enables efficient barrel lockup.

With the P-10 variant of the CZ-75, you’re getting a military-grade 9mm pistol that fits perfectly in your hand. Its trigger prevents stacking and creep like no other, providing well-grouped shots with its consistent 4.5-5 lb. pull. The CZ P-10’s military-grade strength comes from its fiber-reinforced polymer frame. When compared to other less expensive handguns, this is one of the best handguns for the cost and doesn’t sacrifice quality for price. For the best example there’s the CZ P-10 Subcompact Optics Ready 9mm 3.5-Inches 12Rds Orange Front Night Sight / Black Rear Sight. This subcompact semi auto pistol provides everything mentioned plus an ambidextrous release and sights already installed. Get a reliable gun online through GrabAGun today.

The CZ 457 rifles are engineered for precision and elegance and are some of the best long-range rifles out there. For instance, the CZ 457 Combo is freshly updated for 2021 and comes in several variants, ideal for hunting in style. With its sleek Turkish walnut stock finish, this rifle is both elegant and durable. It chambers five rounds of either .22 LR or .17 HMR ammo and is built to last. And, as of 2020, the American Combo 457 also features a push-to-fire safety, making it an ideal hunting rifle for training beginners. A popular choice with our customers is the CZ 457 At-One Varmint 22LR 24-Inches 5Rds Suppressor-Ready-Boyds-Stock. Add this lightweight but solid rifle to your gun case today, and experience the unparalleled performance of a CZ 457 Combo rifle.

The Bren pistol series makes Czech military quality available for US enthusiasts. For example, the Bren 2 M has endless options for adjustability, coming in two calibers (223 and 7.62×39) and several barrel lengths as well as compatibility with stabilizing devices like cheek rests or arm braces. It also has an AR-style bolt catch/release system. Additionally, this model features an ambidextrous safety and magazine release and is more lightweight than the original military Brens. Our customers prefer the CZ Bren MS Tactical Pistol 5.56 / .223 REM 11” Barrel 20-Rounds for its reliability on the range and in self defense situations. With a flush rear plate, lightweight frame, and a reciprocating charging handle that stays in place until it’s needed undoubtedly make it popular. The facts are in: the Bren 2 M pistol is one of the best pistols for sale right now.

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