Located in Fayette, Missouri, CMMG is one of America’s leading producers of AR-15 and AR related rifles, 22LR conversion kits, and accessories. CMMG guns are renowned for their combination of extraordinary firepower with exceptional ease-of-use and reliability, meaning that you don’t have to compromise on one attribute to get the other.

CMMG AR-15 and Other Rifles

One of CMMG’s best-known innovations is the Mk47 rifle, the world’s first mid-sized AR. Intended to address the problems associated with many 7.62x39 AR rifles—like bolts that break under duress and magazines that don’t always work properly—the CMMG Mk47 rifle has been built from the ground up—including a mid-size receiver to keep weight under control—to offer an extraordinary shooting experience.

Another CMMG original is the Mk4 PWD semi-auto AR-15 pistol chambered in .300 caliber BLK ammunition. The Mk4 pistol’s sleek design and impressive firepower—without sacrificing handling and reliability—have made it a favorite of AR pistol enthusiasts.

CMMG produces stunningly designed rifles, pistols and conversion kits, and GrabAGun is proud to offer all of your favorite CMMG guns and accessories.