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Best Deal on Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun

What’s the only thing with the reliability and effectiveness of a double barrel shotgun but with more capacity? A triple barrel shotgun! And GrabaGun has the best deals on the Charles Daly line of triple barrel shotguns from Chiappa.

Triple Crown

Personal Defense World said about triple barrel shotguns: “The double gun remains one of the most prized hunting arms in the world, as well as the foundation for generations of side-by-side and over/under shotgun designs. For bird hunting, small game and deer, as well as for home defense, the double gun is still one of the best options. It’s simple, easy to load, rudimentary in operation and quite affordable. So how do you improve on all this? Add another barrel.”(1)


Is it a Charles Daly triple barrel shotgun, or a Chiappa Firearms triple barrel shotgun? Yes! Chiappa Firearms is an importer, the brand name of the triple barrel shotguns is Charles Daly, and they’re made in Turkey by Akkar Silah Sanayi Ltd.(3)

As Downrange TV put it,” Marked as the Chiappa Triple Threat it has a big sticker running down one of the barrels announcing it is a Charles Daly brand. The gun itself is inscribed with the legend “Chiappa USA Ltd, Dayton OH, Akkar – Turkey”.”(2)


  • Simple
  • Reliable
  • No exposed hammers
  • Third barrel lessens muzzle rise and recoil


Review Video

Watch this short video to see all the models, the specs, features and benefits of the Charles Daly triple barrel shotgun lineup from Chiappa.

Triple Threat

A great gun for home defense or survival, the Triple Threat has compact 18.5” barrels and comes in 12 and 20 gauge. 

Triple Threat

Triple Threat Features include:
  • The Triple Threat uses a single trigger to fire the barrels in clockwise order starting with the right barrel, left, then top.
  • Stock separates into two pieces for easy storage, or when you want to use it as a pistol grip shotgun.
  • Five Interchangeable Rem chokes included
  • Extractor* pushes out spent shells partway out of the chamber
  • Manual safety mounted on top of the tang
  • Fixed fiber optic front sight

*NOTE: Extractor vs. Ejector - An extractor pushes the spent shell partway out of the chamber for removal by hand. An ejector forcefully ejects the spent shells when the breach is opened. Except for the Honcho Tactical Triple, Charles Daly triple barrel shotguns use an extractor.

Chiappa Triple Threat Review

American Rifleman wrote, “There's no doubt that Chiappa's Triple Threat is a “look-at-me” shotgun. It oozes cool and has that Hollywood wow factor that generates big smiles at the shooting range. But under all of the flash is a shotgun with class. Think of all the best qualities of a high-end side-by-side and add one more shot to the mix. It’s a winning combination that shooters will enjoy.”(3)

Chiappa Triple Threat Shotguns for Sale

Triple Crown

Triple Crown

The Triple Crown is made with the same attention to detail and workmanship as any other fine over/under double barrel sporting and hunting shotgun. The weight of the additional barrel soaks up recoil like a sponge and it uses Rem choke tubes for custom setups.

  • Single trigger fires three barrels in right-left-top order.
  • Comes in 12, 20 or 28 gauge.
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • 43” overall length.
  • Extractor pushes out spent shells for manual removal
Chiappa Triple Crown Models:

Triple Tom

The Chiappa Triple Tom is a unique, triple-barreled over/under shotgun. Based on a traditional two-barrel design, the two lower barrels are in a side by side configuration with the third barrel on top. This gives the shooter a single barrel sight line for aiming all three barrels. All barrels accept the popular RemChoke choke tubes. The Triple Tom is chambered for 3.5" magnum shotshells, making it a great choice as a turkey gun. Features include:

  • 12 gauge
  • Triple barrel over/under break action
  • 24" barrels
  • 3 rounds capacity
  • 3.5" chambers
  • Accepts RemChoke choke tubes
  • Fiber optic sights
  • Synthetic stock
  • Overall length 41"
  • Weight 8.3 lbs
  • Realtree Xtra Green

Triple Magnum

The synthetic stock of the Charles Daly Triple Magnum triple barrel shotgun features the Realtree Max-5 camo pattern The Triple Magnum takes 3.5” magnum shells and with 28” barrels and interchangeable chokes this makes the perfect duck and goose gun.

  • Single trigger fires all three barrels in right-left-front order
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • 45” overall length and 8.6 lbs.
  • Five chokes included (SK, IC, M, IM, F)
  • Safety mounted on top of tang
Chiappa Triple Magnum Models:






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