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Browning BLR Rifles

Browning BLR Lever Action Rifles

Is there anything more American than a lever-action rifle? Would The Rifleman Lucas Cane or John Wayne carry anything else?

Browning BLR is a family of lever-action rifles manufactured by Browning Arms Company. This line of rifles features an external, detachable magazine that gives it an advantage over the original lever-action rifles of the late 1800’s. Popular among hunters, and often the first hunting rifle purchased for kids, the Browning BLR is a great all-around rifle available in many different calibers to meet your needs. (Source: Wikipedia) 

Browning is one of the world’s most well-known manufacturers so you can count on the quality of all of their firearms. The Browning BLR is not an exception to this rule; it’s sleek and beautiful.

Browning BLR Advantages

  1. The BLR uses a detachable box magazine. Because of this, the BLR can be chambered for rounds with pointed tip bullets that could jam the tubular magazines more commonly used in lever-action rifles.

  2. Another difference is the geared lever and bolt design that can accommodate high-pressure modern magnum rounds.

  3. One notable feature is that the trigger moves with the lever when it is operated, which prevents the shooter's trigger finger from being pinched between the lever and the stock when the lever is closed. (Wikipedia)

  4. The Browning BLR is the best lever action rifle on the market because it’s is advanced enough to fire off powerful rounds. The bolt locks into place firmly enough to bear the brunt of your shot and enables pointed bullets to fly farther.

BLR Rifle Hunting Features

  • Its short barrel and light weight make it easy to carry back and forth between hunting spots or to tote up to the tree stand.

  • The magazine slides nicely into place with little fuss and isn’t really noisy when you move it. It’s detachable, and better than a tube because it keeps the weight closer to the operator. Weight distribution is easier to manage. It’s also quick to load and unload.

  • Whether hunting for deer, wild hog, varmints or big game, the BLR comes in a caliber you need. In fact, GrabAGun offers more than 60 Browning BLR models.

  • Left-handed hunters and shooters also like a lever-action rifle such as the Browning BLR because its operation is ambidextrous.

  • If you like scopes, you’ll love the ease of mounting one on the Browning BLR. A traditional lever action rifle with a top eject is difficult to fit for scopes, but the BLR does it with ease.

  • The Browning BLR is a mite safer for a beginner than a semi-auto. For starters, you can’t have a live round in the chamber of a semi-auto with the bolt open, so you have to use the safety. That’s fine, but it doesn’t make it easy to tell whether a rifle is loaded or not.

  • A bolt action rifle allows you to have a round in the chamber with the bolt slightly open. A lever action rifle, like the Browning BLR, enables you to have a shot in the chamber with the lever slightly ajar.

  • The BLR also offers a half cock option. Taking it from half cock to full cock is quiet, and it’s safer than using the safety because the probability is minuscule that you will both full cock the hammer and pull the trigger by accident.

Browning BLR for Sale - The Last Word

The Browning BLR features fast firing and easy handling, which is excellent for any beginner who is learning about rifles or learning to hunt. It’s lightweight and has relatively quiet operations, so it’s the perfect hunting companion. There are many different variations of the Browning BLR chambered in calibers from .22 to .308 and even the big .450 MAR. You can accessorize as needed and find something that’s just right for you. Can't decide which Browning BLR is best for you? GrabAGun customer service is standing by.

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