In 1869, a young man named John Moses Browning assembled his first gun from spare parts, a birthday gift for his brother, while apprenticing in his father’s gun shop. In 1879, he was awarded his first patent for the breech-loading single shot rifle. From that point on, John Browning would dedicate his life to inventing and creating cutting edge firearms, and his legacy of iconoclasm has made Browning products a favorite of gun lovers worldwide.

When John Browning and his brothers began producing his breech-loading single shot rifle in their small Ogden, Utah shop, they soon became overwhelmed by customer demand. Unable to afford the costs of expansion and lacking the means to effectively market his products outside the Utah territory, Browning sold the rights to his single shot rifle to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1883.

Thus began a long and productive relationship between Browning and Winchester. Between 1883 and 1902, John Browning designed numerous guns for Winchester, including the Winchester 1894, which went on to become the number one selling high-powered rifle in U.S. history with over 7 million units sold.

In 1892, Browning patented the Colt Model 1895—nicknamed the Browning Peacemaker during the Spanish-American War—which was the first automatic machine gun sold to the U.S. government; and the Browning 50-Caliber machine gun, which entered military service in 1921, is heavily used to this day. The Browning BLR lever action rifle family is an American hunting classic, and an all-time favorite.

Other Browning inventions include the Browning automatic rifle—lovingly nicknamed the BAR by American GI’s during WWII—and the widely copied M1911 pistol, a favorite of militaries and police forces around the world. The list of Browning innovations is endless, and GrabAGun is committed to being the number one destination for all of your Browning guns and accessories.