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Beretta Firearms

Beretta pistols are without a doubt the first choice amongst marksmen. Sportsmen and even military all over the world are in agreement: Beretta pistols offer premier design and optimum performance. The workmanship is unparalleled in the industry, as Beretta pistols prove themselves to be innovative and versatile.

A favorite amongst Beretta pistols is the M9A1. It’s proven to catch the eye of shooters no matter what their expectations are from their gun. The M9A1 was birthed from the base design of the battle-tested, proven M9 pistol. Respectfully, and in such wisdom, Beretta consulted with military and law enforcement agencies worldwide to create something that would meet the extensive requirements of the U.S. Marine Corps. Consequently, the M9A1 has a combination of the dependable performance of the M9, with additional features that are now required in the always-changing missions of peacekeeping forces.

What is highly impressive and truly ingenious is the sand-resistant magazine. Keeping in mind that our military are stationed in primarily desert environments, these magazines were engineered specifically for the sandy atmospheres of Iraq and Afghanistan. These exceptional magazines come standard only on the M9A1.

The M9A1 has special PVD coating which reduces friction. The actual magazine tube design reduces the possibility of sand accumulation within the round column. What this does is greatly increases the dependability and functionality of the M9A1 especially in desert or other extreme conditions.

What gun-owners are saying about the M9A1 in the family of Beretta pistols is that they are getting more than what they imagined. It’s fabulous for home defense and for those shooters who aren’t fond of too much re-coil, this is your pistol of choice.

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