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Barrett has many 50 caliber rifles, in different models, configurations, and colors, from single-shot rifles to $12,000 models meant to turn a barn into splinters from the next county. These rifles are extremely fun to shoot, and the recoil is surprisingly manageable. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind shooting experience, owning a Barrett 50 caliber rifle should be on your bucket list.

Barrett 50 cal for sale

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Watch this video review of features and specs for the Barrett M82A1 and M107A1 rifles.


Barrett 82A1 Black .50 BMG 20-inch 10Rds
Barrett 82A1 Flat Dark Earth Cerakote .50 BMG 20-inch 10Rds Lightweight QD Titanium Bipod
Barrett 82A1 50 BMG Black 29 inch barrel With Night Forcescope 3-10X42
Barrett 82A1 Black .50 BMG 29-inch 10Rd Package Mono Pod Leupold 4.5-14x50mm Scope
Barrett 82A1 Black .50 BMG 29-inch 10Rds
Barrett 82A1 Tan .50 BMG 29-inch 10Rd
Barrett M107 Black 50BMG 20 Inch 10 Rd Fixed Stock Black Cerakote
Barrett M107A1 Black / Flat Dark Earth .50 BMG 20-inch 10Rds
Barrett M107A1 Gray / Black .50 BMG 20-inch 10Rds
Barrett M107A1 Brown .50 BMG 20 Inch #14556
Barrett M107A1 OD GREEN 50BMG 20 inch 10 rd
Barrett M107A1 Black 29 Inch 10 Rd Bipod Black
Barrett M107A1 Black / Multi Role Brown .50 BMG 29-inch 10Rds
Barrett M107A1 Black / Grey .50 BMG 29-inch 10Rds
Barrett M107A1 FDE Military Deployment Kit .50BMG 29-inch - Only 53 Made!
Barrett M107A1 OD Green 50BMG 29 inch 10 rd
Barrett M107A1 TAN 29-inch 50BMG 1-10RD


Barrett 50 caliber rifles were designed in 1980 by Ronnie Barrett. They allow you to propel .50BMG with both accuracy and precision. They are designed to take out large enemy objects such as vehicles, so they’re not meant for hunting. The Barrett 50 Cal was an instant success. The CIA even acquired them for their fight against the USSR, and once they were military proven, militaries and police around the world were clambering for a Barrett 50 Cal. But what about the recoil? In Guns & Ammo, Robert Kolesar wrote: “If you’ve never shot a .50 rifle before, you’re probably wondering about recoil. After having shot almost 600 rounds of .50 ammo in about four hours, my team can comment from experience. While not as agreeable as shooting a 5.56mm for an extended period, it’s not as bad as you’d think. The weight, coupled with a recoil-operated action and a good muzzlebrake, keeps recoil manageable.”

In fact, American Rifleman Magazine described the recoil of a Marrett 82A1 as comparable to a 12 gauge:

“Ronnie Barrett’s semi-automatic M82 “Light Fifty” approached the problem of excessive recoil from two angles. First, the gun operates on the short-recoil principle. The recoiling barrel and bolt assembly acting against spring and buffer assemblies replace the sharp recoil impact of a single-shot or bolt-action design with a longer-acting, slower recoil force. Secondly, he fit the gun with a muzzle brake that was highly effective. Barrett’s muzzle brake redirects high-velocity gas and is claimed to lower recoil by almost 70 percent. The net effect is a .50 BMG rifle with perceived recoil comparable to that of a 12-ga. shotgun.”

Barrett 50 Cal Features

  • Two semi-auto big boy models of the Barrett 50 Cal are available: the M82 and the M107. The M107A1 is the newer model.
  • (M99 bolt-action and M95 lightweight semi auto rifles are also available in 50 BMG.)
  • Through design, manufacturing, and materials, every component of the rifle has been made lighter and stronger. In addition to a 4-pound weight reduction, the M107A1 is optimized for use with a sound suppressor.
  • The M107 has a rear-mounted cheek rest to protect you from extreme heat or cold.
  • The M82 muzzle brake bellies out and the M107’s is cylindrical. The coloring is slightly different because the M107 features a coated rail and barrel.
  • The long picatinny rail can be used to mount any optics or accessories you want. It also has backup iron sights.
  • The upper group includes a large muzzle brake for the mounting of a suppressor and the barrel return spring assembly. 
  • The lower group has the recoil assembly, a bipod that’s easy to deploy, a monopod for incredibly stable shooting, and the trigger group.
  • The Barrett 50 Cal magazine holds ten rounds, and the staggered, double column, double feed is easy to load.
  • The thumb safety is similar to that of an M16 rifle and easy to click into fire or safe position.
  • They both have the same short recoil and a very similar shooting experience.

Shooting a Barrett 50 Caliber Rifle

In an article on the Barrett M107A1 in Shooting Illustrated, Adam Heggenstaller wrote of the .50 BMG round:

“The .50 BMG delivers impressive ballistics, but it's not immune to the effects of gravity and wind. For example, the 661-grain bullet in the M33 ball load, fired from a 29-inch-barreled Barrett M107A1, has a muzzle velocity of approximately 2,750 fps. If the rifle is zeroed at 300 yards, that 661-grain bullet will drop 6.4 mils—or more than 19 feet—at 1,000 yards. In a 10 mph, full-value crosswind, it will drift 1.4 mils—or almost 8.5 feet—at 1,000 yards. Both are enough to make you miss by a wide margin if you don't accurately correct for elevation and wind.”


This Barrett M82A1 bundle comes with a scope, a case, a handle, and a monopod. Its recoil isn’t as bad as you would expect from something this powerful, it’s easy to zero in on your targets, and it cycles seamlessly.

Barrett 50 cal


Beast mode! I waited 15 years to be able to afford this gun and this sight and their great prices helped me put this in my gun case and it is an absolute Beast of a gun and everything I ever dreamed it would be! Review by Brent S.


The Barrett M107A1 features a rear-mounted cheek rest to protect your face from the heat or the cold. The metal on these Barrett rifles can burn you if they sit in the sun for too long, but the M107 solves that problem.

Barrett 50 cal



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