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Zastava Arms USA

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History of Zastava Arms USA

Zastava has 165 years of experience making firearms. Production began in Kragujevac in 1853, when the first cannon barrels were cast. For the next few years, the company received many upgrades which allowed them to produce weapons with full parts interchangeability. By 1878, the main priority was the modernization of armaments. The result of their efforts was the Mauser Model 1871 bolt action rifle. This was a considerable improvement on the previous, now obsolete, Model 1870 Peabody.

Before World War II, the factory was truly an industrial giant, employing almost 12 thousand men and 10 thousand machines in leftover buildings from WWI dedicated to the production of firearms and ammunition. During World War II, their factory received significant damage, but Zastava recovered quickly and picked up manufacturing again. After the war, they began producing the 9mm M1944 B2 submachine gun followed by the 7.92x57mm Mauser Model 1948 (known as the Model 24), the M48 rifle, and even air/sporting rifles based on the M48 platform. After several years of success manufacturing rifles, Zastava began producing small arms, including a double-action pistol.

Today, Zastava produces high-quality small arms for the commercial market, including hunting rifles, sporting weapons, and handguns. The years of experience developing products, technology, and capacities created conditions that would allow Zastava to send their creations to other countries. In 2019, Zastava Arms USA was established to be the exclusive importer and distributor of Zastava Arms products to the US market.

Zastava Arms Guns For Sale

Zastava is the representation of high-quality Serbian production, and GrabAGun is proud to offer a wide variety of their firearms. We have everything from the AK-47 style M70, to the daily carry M57A pistol, and so much more.

Zastava Rifles
Modern Sporting Rifles

Probably one of the most iconic products that Zastava has produced is the ZPAP M70. With a classic frame and walnut stock, this is more than just a collector's item. The M70 offers all the tried and true components you’d expect from an AK-47 platform. Its features include a corrosion-resistant hard nickel moly steel bolt carrier, 16.3-inch cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel, and 1.5mm bulged trunnion receiver. This is a rifle designed to work in just about any condition you could imagine. It’s lightweight, durable, and reliable with a no-nonsense design that will support you while hunting, competing, or just having fun at the range. The Zastava USA ZPAPM70 Walnut 7.62x39 16.3” Barrel 30-Rounds Adjustable Sights is a great option to bring home today. For a hunting rifle that’s trusted and reliable, GrabAGun has you covered.

Just as popular from Zastava is the M90. A performance-driven rifle, this model features a modular design, allowing for the ultimate customization. What draws many in is the smooth top cover as well as three short sections of Picatinny rail, which can be attached to the sides and bottom. This allows shooters to make near-endless upgrades to their firearms. The high-quality two-piece Hogue overmolded handguard offers the ultimate combination of comfort and durability. In fact, the design of the lower handguard actually allows for the installation of the cleaning rod. Other features include an ergonomic Magpul MOE grip with storage, the Magpul Zhukov stock, as well as QD points for easy sling installation.

If you’ve been searching for a sniper rifle that will be reliable in the field, look no further than the Zastava M91 Sniper. Based on the well-known Kalashnikov operating system, this rifle is designed for police and military applications. It’s used worldwide, providing exceptional precision at long distances while performing reliably in extreme conditions. The gas regulator featured in the M91 is what allows it to be used in just about any situation. It’s also equipped with a stock that provides adjustments and allows shooters to get a comfortable position for long-range shooting. A great example that GrabAGun carries is the Zastava USA M91 Sniper 7.62 x 54 24” Barrel 10-Rounds with POSP 4x24mm Scope, coming with a 10-round magazine, a rifle sling, and a POSP 4x24mm scope. For a sniper rifle that will get you through any hunting trip, trust GrabAGun’s online deals today!

Bolt Action Rifles

Whether you’re hunting small game, target shooting, or getting ready for a competition day, the Zastava MP22 is the perfect companion. It has the characteristics of a small-bore rifle, offering extremely high precision with low recoil. For those wanting to get their kids into shooting, this would make a great starter rifle. It features a 5-round capacity chambered in .22 Mag, a 22-inch barrel, and a threaded muzzle with a protective cap. The barrel is even threaded so you can attach a suppressor as needed. As a low-cost option, this is simply a fun firearm that anyone can find pleasure in shooting.

For a long-range option, the Zastava Black Arrow M93 is the way to go. With a design based on the Mauser action M98, this has proven to be a precise and reliable bolt-action platform. It’s great for various types of targets at distances up to 1,600 meters in all environments. The M93 comes equipped with a synthetic stock, a bipod, and a 33.07-inch fluted barrel. Additional features include folding iron sights with an optics-ready platform. Both the stock and the barrel are manufactured to help reduce recoil while still maintaining a comfortable performance for shooters. The Zastava USA M93 Black Arrow .50 BMG 33.07” Barrel 5-Rounds is a quality long-range bolt action rifle that anyone would be lucky to have in their collection. GrabAGun has bolt action rifles for sale at affordable prices online, so get one for yourself today!

Zastava Semi-Auto Handguns

The Zastava USA ZPAP M92 is a quality self-defense pistol. A beautiful Serbian-made AK 47 semi-auto pistol, this is a reliable firearm to have on hand. It comes equipped with a dimpled 1.5mm receiver, bulged trunnion, and chrome-lined cold hammer-forged barrel. Built on the battle-tested M70 rifle design, the M92 is a much more compact pistol that’s just as reliable. Additional features include a hinged top cover, krink-style rear sights, dual aperture front sights, and a bolt hold-open notch on the selector. A personal defense pistol can easily be yours when you shop with GrabAGun today!

If you’re looking for something easier to carry every day, then consider the Zastava USA M57A. It delivers exceptional performance with a durable and lightweight frame. The M57A is an upgrade of the basic M57 model with a similar design to the Soviet TT pistol. This classic single-action firearm has been popular for decades due to its proven performance. The blued finish, fixed sights, external safety, and ergonomic polymer hand grip covers to ensure a quality experience. We carry the Zastava USA M57A 7.62 x 25 4.5” Barrel 9-Rounds, a dependable pistol that can easily take you from your day-to-day life to the range with ease. Get the best handgun deals from GrabAGun today!

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