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High-quality, affordable, steel-cased ammunition

History of TulAmmo

In 1880 Emperor Alexander II ordered a munitions factory to be constructed in Tula, Russia. This factory, Tula Cartridge Works, produced more than 30 million cartridges in two short years. When World War I began in 1914, Tula Cartridge Works became one of the main suppliers of ammunition for the Russian Army, providing over 25% of all the ammunition they would use. Later, during World War II, they supplied the Red Army with over 400 million rounds per year, enabling the Russian Military to stay in the fight. When these wars ended, Tula Cartridge Works expanded in size and product variety and is now among the world’s largest producers of small arms ammunition.

Branded as TulAmmo in the United States, the company uses its long-standing experience to produce up-to-date, innovative, research-oriented ammunition. They have a strong belief in sustainable development, consistent growth, and quality assurance. Providing the world over 500 million rounds of ammunition per year, TulAmmo is known by shooters for its quality, affordable, and ultra-reliable steel-cased ammunition.

TulAmmo Ammunition for Sale

Stop sacrificing power and accuracy for affordability. With TulAmmo, you can have it all. Shop GrabAGun’s complete collection of ammo online from TulAmmo, including its trusted line of handgun and rifle ammunition.

Rifle Ammo Online

Whether you’re a sport shooter, hunting enthusiast, or a high-volume plinker, TulAmmo’s 7.62x39 Centerfire Rifle Steel load is for you. You’ll get insane accuracy and reliability with every round thanks to this ammo’s high-quality construction. Featuring a non-corrosive Berdan primer, lead core bullets, and full bimetal jackets, you’re sure to hit the mark every single time. These are also constructed with a phosphate polymer coating and a bottle-shaped steel case with a non-projecting flange. Get this load for the best ammo prices online at GrabAGun and also enjoy flat-rate shipping!

.223 Ammo is considered one of the most popular cartridges in the world, which is why we love TulAmmo’s Hunting Cartridge Caliber .223 Rem (5.56x45) 55. Used for sporting, hunting, or plinking, this ammo delivers versatility as well as unprecedented accuracy and reliability. Each load utilizes non-corrosive Berdan primers, full metal jackets, and lead core bullets. GrabAGun’s TulAmmo Centerfire Rifle Steel .223 Rem 55 Grain 20-Rounds HP also features muzzle energy of 1065 ft/lbs and a muzzle velocity of 2953 fps. Get the best .223 ammo online at GrabAGun!

Handgun Ammo Online

It’s easy to get 9mm bulk ammo with TulAmmo’s affordable prices, and we suggest starting with their Pistol Cartridge 9mm Makarov load. This load features full metal jackets that are non-corrosive, steel casings, and a polymer coating. Perfect for a day at the range, sport shooting, or self-defense, this 9mm ammo is both accurate and consistent. GrabAGun customers love to use the TulAmmo Handgun 9mm 115GR 50-Rounds FMJ for affordable target practice, thanks to the load’s reliable and trustworthy design. Get all your ammo online for the best gun prices at GrabAGun!

You won’t regret picking up a load of TulAmmo’s Pistol Cartridge 380 ACP. This load is great for high-volume shooters who want accuracy and dependability as well as affordability. Each round is non-corrosive with lead core bullets and full bimetal jackets. 380 ACP also delivers minimal recoil without sacrificing power or consistency. GrabAGun’s TulAmmo Centerfire Handgun Steel .380 ACP 91 Grain 50-Rounds FMJ is perfect for your 380 handgun and loved by customers for its low-cost quality. Get this ammo online at GrabAGun for the best price and flat-rate shipping!

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