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History of Taurus

Taurus has a story that goes back to 1941. In Brazil, a small manufacturer known as Forjas Taurus invented its first original revolver, the Model 38101SO. The company had been known for its focus on bringing in top talents for engineering guns, combining elements of Smith & Wesson, Colt, and Spanish-made firearms. From there, Taurus continued developing award-winning designs, going on to become one of the only two gun companies with ISO 9001 certification. The tradition continues to this day. When Taurus guns first started being manufactured here in the US in 2019, the stage was set for Taurus to continue its legacy in creating legendary weapons for generations to come.

Taurus Guns for Sale

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Pistols For Sale

EDC has never been easier than with the Taurus GX4. Recently launched and already taking the market by storm, this firearm has revolutionized concealed carry engineering. The first of its kind, this micro-compact 9mm handgun seamlessly blends a game-changing combination of full-sized capacity, accuracy, and power within an incredibly slim 1-inch wide frame. Available with 10 or 11 rounds chambered in 9mm Luger, additional features include a reversible magazine release, fixed white dot sights, single-action trigger, and a truly affordable price point. Carry confidently with a pistol designed for uncontested reliability and improved concealment. GrabAGun has the best deals for firearms online, including the Taurus GX4.

The last word in convenient concealed carry, the Taurus G2C pistol’s compact size, polymer frame, and flawlessly adaptable design, make it the perfect small pistol for the person who wants to be safe while on the go. GrabAGun has many Taurus handguns, including the Taurus G2C for sale, in calibers such as the Taurus G2C 9mm and the Taurus G2C 40 caliber.

The Taurus G3C for sale is a reliable 9mm pistol for any setting, including self-defense, sporting, and military use. Its 6 lb. trigger pull has a cleaner break than most striker-fired pistols. In addition, the Taurus GC3’s manual safety and slide release lever are perfectly placed for easy adjustment. With its ergonomic grip technology, which includes slide-frame Memory Pads, you’ll always have a comfortable grasp on your handgun. When firing, its short reset makes for great follow-up shots! Accessories fit on easily with its integrated Picatinny rail. The Taurus G3C 9mm is the type of handgun no shooter would regret buying. Make sure to get one of our G3C Taurus handguns and some Taurus G3C accessories. Then pick up a Taurus G3C holster as well!

Who says pistols have to have sharp edges? The Taurus Spectrum® has elegantly curved surfaces for maximum functionality and ease of use as a conceal carry (or home defense) weapon. It has revolutionized the concealed carry experience with soft-touch panels seamlessly integrated into the grip and slide This double-action subcompact pistol fires seven rounds of .380 Auto ammo and comes in several different colors, so there should be one to fit each individual shooter’s preferences!

It wasn’t for nothing that the TX™ 22 pistol won Handgun of the Year in 2019. As one of the best pistols for sale in sport shooting right now, it destroys the competition with superb accuracy and ease of use. Featuring the Taurus Performance Trigger System and comfortable ergonomic grips, it feels and works like a customized sport pistol. The manual safety allows movement through the first 2 phases of trigger pull and stops before the sear point. Also available is a non-threaded, 10-round version for those who live where threaded and higher capacity are not legal. On the cutting edge of Taurus’ innovative tradition, the TX™ 22 pistol is one you’ll be proud to have in your gun safe.


The 605 is one of the best small revolvers to have on you when it matters most. It features the Taurus Zero Tolerance components for unfailing performance in life-or-death situations. The 605 fires 5 rounds of 357 MAG or 38 SPECIAL +P. With a barrel length of 2 inches, it can fit a wide variety of concealed holsters.

With the 856 revolver, you get a compact self-defense weapon with practically endless customization options for the finish, grips, and accessories. And, of course, it offers a flawless performance when the situation demands it. Its low-point profile and lightweight design make it a perfect small revolver to keep on hand when things get rough.

Named for the judges who carried them in the courtrooms of Miami back in the day, the Taurus Judge set the standard for self-defense revolver 2006. Since then, the most reliable handgun for protection against carjacking is available in several variants. Firing five rounds of either 45 Colt ammo or .410 shotshells, the Judge is an investment in the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

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