Taurus Guns History

Forjas Taurus traces its history back to 1941, when it began production on the Model 38101SO revolver, and today Taurus guns—which include pistols, revolvers, and law enforcement weaponry for the Brazilian market—are known as affordable yet reliable alternatives to more expensive brands.

In 1971, Bangor Punta, the parent company of Smith & Wesson, purchased Taurus, and throughout the early to mid-70s Smith & Wesson and Taurus worked closely together, sharing information relating to design, development and manufacturing.

In 1980, Taurus purchased Beretta’s Brazilian manufacturing headquarters, which enabled them to build nearly every component of their weapons themselves, and gave them a competitive pricing advantage over their less centralized competitors.

In 1987, Taurus bought the rights to produce Rossi brand revolvers, and today Taurus manufactures a range of high quality Rossi products—including the Rossi .38 special and .357 magnum models—in one of its Brazilian manufacturing centers.

With a line of guns that includes the .454 Casull—known as the “Raging Bull”—and the Judge 5-shot revolver, a favorite of home and personal property defenders, Taurus has developed a reputation as a producer of highly affordable firearms that pack a powerful punch, and GrabAGun is your home for Taurus guns and accessories.  

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