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One of America’s most storied firearm brands, the Springfield Armory began to take shape in 1777 when George Washington, then the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, approved the establishment of a new arsenal in the strategically located town of Springfield, Massachusetts. From those revolutionary beginnings, Springfield has become one of the world’s premier firearm manufacturers.

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Springfield Armory History

Following General Washington’s order, patriot colonists established the Arsenal at Springfield, and the Springfield Armory was a major arsenal of weapons and ammunition during the American Revolutionary War. In 1794, the Springfield Armory began production on the first American-made musket, and the Springfield legend was born.

In 1919, John C. Garand came to Springfield with the intention of developing a semi-automatic rifle, and in 1924 the M1 rifle was approved for further testing by the U.S. military. In 1936, the Army began placing orders for the M1 rifle—the first standard issue semi-automatic rifle—and between 1936 and 1957 Springfield produced 4.5 million M1 Garand rifles.

After the federal government retired the original Springfield Armory in 1968, firearm importer and designer Robert Reese was granted use of the Springfield name, and Springfield Armory, Inc., which continues to produce many of its guns to the exact specifications of the originals, was established in 1974.

Today, Springfield produces a wide range of guns, including sporting rifles and polymer pistols, all of which are manufactured with the same commitment to innovation and unerring quality which has made the Springfield Armory a legend of the firearm industry.

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