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Single shot rifles were used during much of America’s pioneering days, and today many persons purchase the single shot rifle due to the historical aspect and the element of nostalgia of 19th century history surrounding single shot rifles. A single shot rifle is often used when training younger shooters to hunt as having only one shot places the focus on shot placement and adds an element of safety. The young shooter learns to aim very carefully and make it count in order to take game down in only one shot. Many single shot rifle fans feel it is more accurate, and like the advantage of interchangeable barrels available on some models of today’s single shot rifles for sale.

The advantage to exchange of barrels allows for muzzleloader, small game, big game and shotgun hunting with the same basic shooting platform. The single shot rifle is also a frequent choice for a backpack weapon due its availability in extremely light weight child size proportions. Many choose the single shot rifles for sale strictly for their low cost, or use it for honing their skills with target practice, while others purchase expensive, elegantly embellished and finely precision engineered single shot rifles for sale for their beauty and craftsmanship. Few gun enthusiasts can deny the beauty of even an unadorned single shot rifle.

The single shot rifle is also currently in great favor with Europeans who feel a precisely placed single shot is adequate for hunting, and view it as a symbol of an experienced and accomplished sportsman as many persons do on both sides of the ocean.

In today’s wide market of availability of guns for sale, the single shot rifle is a popular rifle. This is partially due to some brands and models featuring the tip-up or break-open action single shot rifle being so easily converted to different cartridges with the exchange of barrels.

Single shot rifles come in many different styles and with a host of mechanisms. While some models allow for cartridge versatility with break-open and tip-up action, there are other style actions. Each style has its own way of loading and unloading the single shot rifle. Like many things gun related, the favored style is a matter of personal preference. It is personal preference that ultimately determines the selection of a single shot rifle versus other rifles. In the United States, the single shot rifle is most commonly used by hunters who like the practice, challenge and focus required for a humane one shot kill of game.

GrabAGun offers single shot rifles for sale in brands such as Chiappa, H & R, Ruger and Braztech/Rossi to name a few. Shop our site for the single shot rifles for sale that you are looking for. If you fail to find a particular firearm give our helpful customer service agents a call. We will be happy to order any currently manufactured single shot rifle with the features that you desire, and apply the GrabAGun discount price.

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