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Affordable and reliable concealed carry handguns

History of SCCY

In 1998, more and more states were enacting legislation that allowed law-abiding citizens to legally obtain concealed carry permits. During this time Joe Roebuck recognized an increasing demand for compact pistols that were not only safe, but also easy to use and affordable. With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Roebuck set out to create a firearm that everyday shooters could depend on.

Fast forward to 2003, when Roebuck founded Skyy Industries LLC (modern-day SCCY Industries) and introduced the CPX line of 9mm handguns. Roebuck’s vision for the CPX series was to create a cost-effective and precisely manufactured handgun with superior performance as compared to competitors. With revolutionary design changes, these pistols changed the concealed carry experience and made SCCY a household name.

SCCY is a proud American-made and American-owned business that delivers the protection you deserve. Producing more than 1 million firearms to date, SCCY has a unique passion to protect the American people and their values with quality, accurate, and innovative handguns. With customer service, advanced technology, and a passion for firearms at the core of SCCY, shooters can be confident in their choice of concealed carry.

SCCY Handguns for Sale

You deserve only the most reliable and powerful compact pistols for concealed carry, and SCCY delivers just that. Shop GrabAGun’s complete collection of SCCY firearms and accessories, including its trusted line of CPX concealed carry pistols.

CPX Handguns

SCCY founder Joe Roebuck envisioned the CPX series of concealed carry pistols to be both cost-effective and precisely manufactured, and the CPX 1 is the best example of that. Designed for improved concealment, the CPX 1 features a large, firm grip and a Zytel polymer frame with ergonomic finger grooves and an integral recoil cushion. Shooters everywhere love this handgun for its soft recoil, comfortable grip, and lightweight design. The CPX 1 also includes incredible safety features, such as an external thumb safety with a trigger guard molded into the frame and a hammer firing system, which prevents accidental discharge. Get your own CPX 1 for the best handgun prices online at GrabAGun!

If you love the CPX 1 but prefer to have no external safety features, then you’re in luck. The CPX 2 delivers all the same features as the CPX 1, but without an external thumb safety. It’s a great option for concealed carry and self-defense, utilizing an especially lightweight design and comfortable, ergonomic handling. The SCCY CPX-2 Black 9mm 3.1-Inch 10RD 3 Dot Sights from GrabAGun also includes a trigger lock, two 10-round magazines with flush bases, and an extended baseplate. For affordability and dependability, you can’t go wrong with the CPX 2.

Your next concealed carry 380 handgun is here: the CPX 3. With a 2.96-inch barrel and 4.9-inch overall length, the CPX 3 is designed to be even more concealable than its predecessors. Additional features include three 10-round magazines—two of which feature a flat baseplate for more discreet carry while the third has a small extension plate for comfortable shooting. What’s more, the CPX magazines are double-stacked to make your grip thicker and more comfortable. For the best deals on concealed carry handguns like the CPX 3, GrabAGun is the place to look.

The latest installment in the renowned CPX series is the coveted CPX 4. Chambered in .380 ACP, this pistol boasts a heavy-duty polymer frame and standard 3 dot sight system. What sets the CPX 4 apart is its manual ambidextrous safeties, perfect for shooters who want extra protection while carrying. The CPX 4 is designed with a molded texturing of the grip and molded finger grooves for shooting that is comfortable, reliable, and fit for any environment. You can find the CPX 4 and other amazing 380 handguns online at GrabAGun.

SCCY Magazines and Accessories for Sale

One magazine is never enough. SCCY carries a wide variety of magazines for their line of CPX concealed carry pistols, which means more shooting time for you. Check out GrabAGun’s SCCY CPX Magazine Black 9mm 10Rd Finger Extension, perfect for your 9mm handgun. Plus, with a convenient finger extension, you’ll have more room for your fingers and comfortable handling. If you’d like more target practice time with your 380 handgun, then you need the SCCY Magazine CPX 3 380ACP 10RD. Whether you’re bringing more magazines to the range or like to have an extra for a rainy day, this magazine will deliver reliably and feed flawlessly. Find all the best handgun magazines online at GrabAGun!

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