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Ruger AR 556 vs SR 556 and AR 556 vs Mini 14

The Ruger AR 556 is an American-made modern sporting rifle with the same reliability and affordability you expect from Ruger firearms. The Ruger AR 556 replaced the older SR 556. The AR 556 uses a direct-impingement system to feed rounds through, unlike the SR 556, which is piston-driven. The AR 556 is lighter than its predecessor, but some still prefer the piston-driven variety and the SR 556 has the ability to shoot heavier rounds as well. On the plus side, the AR 556 houses the same type of gas chamber as other AR-style rifles, and at a lower price point. Whether you prefer a direct-impingement rifle or a piston-driven one, both of these Ruger masterpieces are fine choices.

Ruger AR 556

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The Ruger AR 556 was first introduced in 2009 by Sturm, Ruger & Co. It’s completely American-made, just like all other Ruger models. It was meant to be a direct-impingement AR-15, and gun owners were up in arms (see what I did there?) about whether or not this was a good thing.

There are many benefits to a direct-impingement system, one of them being that the most accurate AR rifles have always been built that way. And given that the Ruger 556 is more affordable than a lot of other similar rifles means that not only does Ruger know what its customers want, but it can bring it with quality and affordability. The Ruger 556’s Rapid Deploy folding rear sight gives you wind adjustability and a solid, reliable aim. The Type III hard coat anodized coating gives you a lightweight rifle with superior durability. A single-stage trigger gives you more control over firing, and the ergonomic grip has dependable comfort. The design of the rifle from butt stock to barrel provides superior reliability and accuracy in a durable and affordable package. Sights, triggers, grips, gas chambers, and handguards all work together to perform rapidly and easily.

AR 556 vs Mini 14

Ruger’s line of modern sporting rifles includes the AR-556, SR-762, and Mini 14. At varying weights, calibers and finishes, each one has its benefits to fit each person’s preference.

Ruger’s AR 556 and Mini 14 both shoot the same cartridge. The Mini 14 has the same semi automatic fire capabilities and the reliability that comes with all Ruger products. While the AR 556 is lighter weight and offers more options because of its popularity, the Mini 14 Tactical version has virtually no cosmetic differences, and it’s surprisingly accurate. The Mini 14 used to have an ugly wood stock that you could keep around the house for varmint control. Much like people used to say the AR was an ugly black rifle, the Mini 14 has since improved its appearance.

Ruger Mini 14

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Autoloading, gas-operated. Specifically designed for mounting today's scopes & sighting systems. Integral scope base receiver. Side ejection. Patented recoil buffer. Best for small game hunting, excellent short-to-medium range "varmint" rifles. Adjustable "Ghost Ring" aperture rear, protected blade front sights. Improved receiver w/rounded contours. Rifle-style buttpad. Garand-style safety. Includes: scope rings & gun lock.

AR experts will recognize many features on this firearm immediately. The Ruger Mini 14 Ranch is a high performance rifle, designed according to the top quality standards of the world famous Ruger brand. This rifle is designed to deliver accuracy, performance, and precision. If you’re trying to find a top of the line rifle, you’re looking at an authentic top quality market leader. This solid but lightweight firearm is a true all-rounder, designed to be easily portable and fully functional in any environment. It features the latest ergonomics, and self-explanatory performance specifications. If you want quality combined with power and performance, this firearm deserves consideration.

Check out the specs on the Ruger Mini 14.

AR 556 vs SR 762

Ruger SR 556

The Ruger SR762 Semi-Auto Rifle is a NATO standard 7.62 mm semi auto rifle with a 20 round magazine, whereas the AR 556 shoots the 223/556 round.

Experienced owners of this class of rifle will recognize the Ruger quality standards applied to many familiar features of this type of firearm. The Ruger SR762 features a range of precision standard features, including: Folding backup, iron sights, four-position chrome-plated gas regulator, two-stage piston with multi-stage regulator, windage adjustable rear sight and an elevation adjustable front sight, six-position telescoping M4-style buttstock, and a precision-rifled, chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged Mil-Spec 41V45 chrome-moly-vanadium steel barrel that ensures accuracy and longevity.

Fluted barrel (for reduced weight and improved barrel cooling) features an SR-556/Mini-14-style flash suppressor* mounted with a 5/8"-24 thread. Also includes: three 20-round magazines*; soft-sided case, and three finger-grooved rail covers. *Please note: Some rifles may not be available in all states and locales due to laws limiting magazine capacity or other feature-based restrictions.

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Ruger AR 556 - Last Word

The AR platform is a matter of preference for a lot of people, but you can’t deny its dependability, accuracy, and affordability. It’s fun to shoot, has a variety of accessories and mod options, and won’t break the bank.

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