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Many people today discount the revolver as a self-defense weapon and think of them as old fashioned. The fact is though that revolvers for sale do have advantages over a semi-automatic, they are simple to operate, revolvers rarely malfunction, they don’t jam and they are easy to clean and maintain. Anyone can operate a revolver, you load the cylinders with ammo, snap it shut, aim and pull the trigger in a double action revolver. In a high stress kill or be killed situation or facing a home invader only the rare revolver even has a safety to forget to disengage.

Even someone who has never fired a gun at all is going to do what they need to do, point the gun at the bad guy and pull the trigger. That is not to say practice is bad, practice is definitely good, but the point is in a life and death situation someone who isn’t familiar with firearms can use a revolver, especially a double action which doesn’t require the hammer to be pulled back in order to fire.

One disadvantage of a revolver is limited ammo. You can’t slap a new magazine in if you need more firepower, and it takes time to reload. The other disadvantage is from a safety viewpoint, if a child or anyone else who shouldn’t have the revolver does obtain access to it, there is no safety or other controls to slow them down. This is why many people leave the firing cylinder empty, which can be a disadvantage in a dire situation.

Revolvers evolved into a firearm than the common man could afford by the 1800’s. As most revolvers past and present are chambered for six rounds the term “six shooter” became the common term, though revolvers were made with up to 24 chambers. Buyers today interested in revolvers for sale can choose between single action and double action revolvers.

When the hammer of a revolver is cocked the cylinder turns aligning the barrel and hammer with the round in the next chamber. The difference between single and double action revolvers are that single action requires the shooter to pull the hammer back with the free hand, while the double action revolver has hammers that move back when the trigger is pulled and release when the trigger is released.

Revolvers remain popular as backup weapons in law enforcement and are used by hunters, and some persons do use them as carry concealed pistols though they are more difficult to conceal. They have seen a rise in popularity among reenactors and keep historically accurate revolvers for sale in high demand.

GrabAGun offers a large selection of quality revolvers for sale from a very large number of manufacturers and include names like Beretta, Charter, Colt, Henry, Olympic, Ruger, Smith & Wesson as well as numerous other quality firearms. Shop our revolvers for sale section and if you require assistance or don’t see a particular firearm you desire give us a call, our offerings extend beyond the lines we carry. We can order the weapon and features you want and will apply the GrabAGun discount we are known for.

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