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History of Remington

Remington has a long, rich, American history. It began in 1816 when Eliphalet Remington handcrafted his first rifle barrel at his father’s forge. Shortly after he established a rife-making business, constructing thousands of guns that were sold to gunsmiths throughout America.

The first firearms Remington created were the Model 1841 “Mississippi” rifle, manufactured for the United States Army Ordnance Department, and the Jenks Breech Loading Carbines created for the government. This was just the beginning of Remington forging firearms for its country. In 1861 Remington provided pistols, carbines, rifles, and muskets for the federal army and navy during the Civil War. Again, in 1917, Remington produced military rifles, autoloading pistols, signal guns, machine guns, and more for the Allies during the First World War. During the Second World War, Remington provided more than half the small arms ammunition utilized by the Allies throughout the entire war, along with hundreds of thousands of rifles.

As the years progressed, Remington also sought to meet the needs of hunters and competition shooters. In 1950 the Model 870 was introduced, and it quickly rose in popularity. Today, it is still one of the finest pump-action shotguns ever designed. In fact, it has become the largest selling shotgun in history. Remington again made history in 1962 with the creation of the Model 700 bolt action rifle chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum. The duo remains a top favorite of hunting enthusiasts worldwide.

2020 marked a new chapter in Remington’s history. Both the ammunition and firearms divisions of the company are under new ownership, and there is a newfound determination to revive Remington’s reputation of rugged reliability and stellar accuracy. Remington’s future is as bright as their past, and shooters everywhere can’t wait to see what the company has in store.

Remington Guns for Sale

Shop GrabAGun’s complete collection of Remington firearms, including the trusted Model 870, bolt action rifles, 1911 handguns, and more.

The Model 870

The Model 870 pump action shotgun is history’s best-selling shotgun, with over 11 million and counting manufactured. It is the ultimate standard of durability, reliability, and strength. The core of every Model 870 is a receiver machined from a solid block of steel, ensuring impeccable strength, smooth-shooting, and rock-solid action. There are countless configurations of the Model 870, each specified for individual shooter’s needs and applications. Take a look at some of our favorites:

The Model 870 Express

Featuring improved balance and handling, the AR-556 Standard has a 16 inch barrel and 30 round mag. It also uses a Ruger Rapid Deploy folding rear sight and the A2-Style F-height front sight, which gives you windage and elevation adjustability for that perfect shot. GrabAGun shoppers love the Ruger AR-556 .223 REM / 5.56 NATO 16.1” Barrel 30Rds for its versatility, stability, and impeccable handling.

The Model 870 Wingmaster

If you’re looking for the perfect upland and field hunting pump action shotgun, then the Model 870 Wingmaster is for you. The Wingmaster is the model of enduring strength, featuring a silky pump action, twin action bars, and a receiver machined from a solid billet of steel. True to the original Model 870 design, the Wingmaster is a best-selling firearm that you don’t want to miss.

The Model 870 TAC-14

When it comes to home defense shotguns, you want only the best. That’s why we trust the Model 870 TAC-14. Each shot from the TAC-14 delivers devastating, threat-stopping power so you can protect your home and family and focus on what matters most. With a Raptor pistol grip and Magpul M-LOK forend, the TAC-14 is everything you need from a home defense shotgun. Find the best price and more shotguns for sale online at GrabAGun!

Bolt Action Rifles

Remington is known for creating legendary firearms, and the Model 700 is no exception. As the number 1 bolt action rifle of all time, the Model 700 sets the standard for unmatched accuracy and unbelievable strength. A top choice of elite military snipers, this precision rifle features a powerful 3-rings-of-steel receiver and incomparable hammer-forged barrel. GrabAGun’s Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD Bolt Action 308 Rifle even features a ghillie green color and heavy threaded barrel. Whether you use the Model 700 for tactical precision or as a hunting rifle, it will always deliver power, stability, and unequaled accuracy.

The Remington 1911 Handgun

The R1 1911 is Remington’s remastered version of America’s favorite pistol: the 1911 handgun. It takes the classic 1911 to new levels, featuring a match-grade stainless steel barrel, precision-fit bushing, machined frame slide, and three-dot dovetail sight system. All of these advancements ensure smooth cycling and enhanced reliability straight out of the box. Get the R1 1911—the best handgun for accuracy and endurance—online from GrabAGun today!

Remington Ammunition for Sale

Whether you’re feeding your home defense shotgun, 9mm handguns, or AR 15 rifle, Remington ammunition has you covered. Take advantage of legendary quality and unprecedented power with every load. GrabAGun carries all your favorite Remington ammo online, which you can stock up on today with flat-rate shipping.

Handgun Ammo

Remington’s loads of UMC Handgun ammunition are versatile, powerful, and dependable. With first-quality, factory-fresh brass casings and clean-shooting Kleanbore primers, you can be sure that every shot will be consistent and clean. Whether you are practicing your aim, preparing for home and personal defense, or hunting in the great outdoors, there is a load of UMC Handgun to fit your needs. UMC Handgun comes in a wide variety of options, including full metal jackets, soft point, and jacketed hollow point alongside your favorite calibers. Get this versatile ammo online for the best prices with flat-rate shipping at GrabAGun today!

High Terminal Performance (HTP) ammunition is engineered for weight retention and double diameter expansion. You can use these loads both for home defense or hunting game thanks to its sheer, instant stopping power. With first-class brass cases, high-grade propellants, and Kleanbore priming, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t have these loads in your collection sooner.

22LR Rifle Ammo

An all-time favorite of 22 rifle owners: the 22 Thunderbolt. This 22lr ammo is Remington’s most popular and best-selling round—and for good reason. Every box of 22 Thunderbolt contains high-velocity, round nose bullets that perform with consistent grouping and power. So whether you’re plinking or practicing, every load will deliver exactly what you need. Stock up and save with flat-rate shipping from GrabAGun!

Manufactured to give you easier cycling and an even more solid performance is the Golden Bullet 22lr ammo from Remington. This top-notch rimfire ammo was recently improved to ensure greater performance with your 22 rifles, providing power, consistency, and excitement with every trigger pull. Each load of Golden Bullet is perfect for shooters who are just getting started or enthusiasts who score high at the competitions—it’s as versatile as it is reliable. Stock up on your bulk ammo and get the Remington Golden Bullet from GrabAGun today!

Shotgun Ammo Online

When you’re hunting, your focus should be on taking down game—not wondering if your ammo is good enough. That’s why hunters all over the world choose Remington’s Heavy Dove Loads. Whether you’re tackling fast-flying doves or other game birds, this load will deliver balanced and consistent patterns with every shot. These loads are available for both your 12 and 20 gauge shotguns, with shot size options of 7.5 and 8. Load up today with flat-rate shipping for the best ammo online from GrabAGun!

The Remington Gun Club Target Loads are the perfect economical choice for shooting. Every high-quality shell gets the same attention in loading as Remington’s premier ammunition lines, but it’s only a fraction of the cost. Featuring Gun Club Grade Shot, Premier STS Primers, Power Pistol One-Piece Wads, and more, this load is designed to deliver as much as possible at a lower price point. You can find this ammo online for the best prices at GrabAGun!

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