Precision manufacturing, quality assurance, exceptional customer service

History of PTR

Since their inception, the goal of PTR has been to manufacture the most reliable and accurate roller-lock weapons in the world. They started off assembling rifles from surplus parts that were sourced overseas, then grew into a self-sufficient manufacturing powerhouse. Today, all PTR firearms are made in their South Carolina warehouse and all parts are sourced and created in the United States. They understand that quality-control and dependability begins at home.

PTR has an unwavering commitment to precision manufacturing, quality assurance, and exceptional customer service. They focus on the proven roller-lock system, which is time-tested to deliver smooth operation and better accuracy. With PTR, every firearm is refined by the best innovators available. The company and their innovative ideas are continuing to grow, bringing high-quality firearms and affordable prices to shooters worldwide.

PTR Guns for Sale

Shop GrabAGun’s complete collection of PTR firearms and accessories, including its trusted line of modern sporting rifles, semi-automatic handguns, and more.

Semi-Automatic Handguns

If you’re looking for a unique and affordable MP5 style pistol, then you need the 9KT PTR 603. This pistol is loaded with features to make your shooting experience truly memorable. Take, for instance, the 2.55-inch precision-welded top rail, which gives shooters the opportunity to use either compact optics or traditional iron sights. The 9KT PTR 603 also includes an M-LOK compatible aluminum handguard, attached finger guard, as well as a push and paddle magazine release. This incredible pistol is shipped to you with a heavy-duty range case, single point bungee sling, two 30-round magazines, and a rear sight adjustment tool. It doesn’t get much better than the 9KT PTR 603, so find it for the best price online at GrabAGun!

The features of the PTR 9CT speak for itself: an M-LOK compatible handguard, a nitride treated 3-lug barrel, a 4.5-inch precision-welded top rail, and more. The PTR 9CT combines the classic look and function of an MP5 style pistol with modern technologies and power. Enthusiasts choose this pistol for its versatility, adaptability, and proven accuracy. Just check out GrabAGun’s PTR 9CT Pistol 9mm 8.86” Barrel 30-Rounds, which shooters love to use as a tactical pistol on the range, for home defense, or anything in between. Upgrade your collection today with the PTR 9CT!

Modern Sporting Rifles

Ready to take your shooting to the next level? The GIR PTR 101 is a rifle you’ll love from the first shot to the last. It delivers precise accuracy and heavy-duty durability all in a cost-effective design. Features include a parkerized finish, classic green furniture, an 18-inch tapered barrel, and a classic “SEF” steel lower. Plus, with a tested and proven roller-lock system you will never have to worry about the reliability of your firearm; it will perform time and time again. Make it your own by adding personalized optics or your favorite scope to the precision welded top rail and blow the competition away. Get the GIR PTR 101 today for the best gun deals online at GrabAGun!

The 32 KFR PTR 200 is unique, affordable, and precisely manufactured with top-quality parts. It features a 16-inch bull barrel, meaning the barrel does not taper outward and is completely cylindrical. This gives shooters better heat absorption, vibration management, and even less recoil. Additional features include a slim-line black polymer handguard, a 7.5-inch top rail for quick optic mounting, and paddle style release Magpul AK magazines. Check out GrabAGun’s PTR Industries PTR-32 Gen 2 Semi Automatic Rifle Black 7.62x39 16 Inch 30 Rd, which customers love for its durability, reliability, and incomparable stopping power. Find your own for the best rifle prices online at GrabAGun!

If you want precision shooting, then you need the A3S PTR 109. This tack-driver packs a serious punch, and it comes in a classic design. With a black powder coat finish, black polymer furniture, and a polymer navy lower, this rifle is both durable and attractive. For extreme accuracy, just mount your favorite scope to the precision-welded top rail, or use the traditional iron sights that are included with the rifle. The A3S PTR 109 is a sturdy, ergonomic, and affordable modern sporting rifle you’ll be glad to have in your collection.

PTR Magazines and Accessories for Sale

After purchasing your new PTR firearm, the first addition you’ll need is an OEM magazine. PTR magazines deliver durability and reliability, plus they function and feed flawlessly. For your 9mm handgun, consider the PTR 500099 Magazine 9mm 30-Rounds. It is compatible with the PTR 9C and features a black finish and heavy-duty steel construction. If you’re looking to upgrade your rifle, check out the PTR91 915000 Magazine 20RD. Fit for .308 Winchester, this rifle magazine boasts a rugged aluminum construction and top-quality design. Find all these magazines and more for the best gun deals online at GrabAGun!