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Panzer Arms

Where tradition and modernity meet

History of Panzer Arms

Panzer Arms began when the people of Üzümlü began manufacturing hunting rifles in the 1960s. They were originally manufactured in hand looms but by the 1980s were being fabricated through all kinds of machinery and technology used today. Since the 90s, Panzer Arms has utilized both the knowledge and machinery to make a lasting impression on the defense industry. The name, Panzer Arms, has become well known in Turkey and across the world. They have defined themselves as a pioneer of the rifle market thanks to the ergonomical structure and up-to-date design of their firearms.

Though they have a culture steeped in tradition, Panzer focuses on building a bridge between both the past and the future. Keeping up with modern trends while utilizing knowledge passed from father to son is the core of Panzer Arms. And it’s because of this that they are not only the leading manufacturer of AR-12 and bullpup shotguns—they are considered the best of the best.

Panzer Arms Guns for Sale

When you’re looking for an affordable and reliable shotgun, the only name to trust is Panzer Arms. GrabAGun offers the best of their selection:

Panzer Arms AR-12

No matter the reason, you need a tactical firearm that can hold up in personal, professional, hunting, and sporting situations. That means you need the Panzer Arms AR-12. The AR-12 is the latest generation of this shotgun—a semi-auto, gas-operated shotgun that looks and functions like an AR15 rifle. GrabAGun customers enjoy the Panzer Arms AR-12 12-Gauge 20” Barrel 5 Rds Adjustable Sights. This comes loaded with a steel upper, 20-inch chrome-coated barrel, ergonomic pistol grip, and adjustable front and rear sights. It is durable, yet lightweight, with the ability to cycle a broader assortment of high and low power shells. The built-in rails allow for the ultimate customization of your firearm. GrabAGun offers the best gun deals online, so get one for yourself today!

Panzer Arms AR-12 Pro

Designed for the professional user, the Panzer Arms AR-12 Pro is set apart from the rest in just about everything. This multi-purpose shotgun is similar to its counterpart in that it is centered around the AR15 platform, so you’ll feel comfortable with the feel and layout. In 2018, it was updated to feature an all-metal frame with aluminum handguards along with a chrome bolt and carrier. The trigger parts are machined from solid stock rather than investment cast for consistency and reliability while the 20-inch steel barrel is made with performance in mind. You’ll love the way the Panzer Arms AR12 Pro 12 Ga 20-Inch 5Rds feels and operates.

Panzer Arms Bullpup (BP12)

When you need reliability in close quarters, the only firearm to trust is the Panzer Arms Bullpup shotgun. Known as the BP12, it promises a satisfying experience thanks to an innovative design and high-quality materials. The design has a reduced overall length and weight that doesn’t sacrifice barrel length or velocity. With its compact, lightweight construction, this shotgun is surprisingly easy to handle while maintaining the same accuracy as long barrel rifles. So what do you get when you purchase your own Panzer Arms BP12 Semi-Automatic Shotgun 12 Ga 20” Barrel 3”-Chamber 5-Rounds? A shorter overall length firearm that supports the same full-length barrel of a conventional shotgun or rifle due to the action being behind the trigger group. It also features a synthetic fixed stock, solid trigger grouping, well-designed pistol grip, and two cocking handles that are completely ambidextrous. GrabAGun offers some of the best online deals for shotguns, so pick one up for yourself today!

Panzer Arms Magazines & Accessories

Stocking up on a few extra magazines is never a bad idea. The Panzer Arms AR-12 & BP-12 Magazines 12 Ga 10Rds - Fits ATI Bulldog is a great choice since it’s compatible across a variety of firearms. The steel construction allows for longevity as well as durability. Another popular option is the Panzer Arms AR-12 Magazine 12 GA 5Rds. Its all-steel construction will get you through a fun day at the range with ease! Grab a few for yourself today at GrabAGun, the place with the best firearm prices online.

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