Founded in 1999 by Sergeant Richard Fitzpatrick of the United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance, Magpul Industries first made its name when Sergeant Fitzpatrick developed the famous MagPul magazine sleeve, and has been a major supplier of military and civilian users ever since.

Magpul Magazines History

Designed with the intention of making life easier for soldiers manipulating magazines under fire, the MagPul has continued to embody the philosophy of the Magpul brand, whose no-nonsense designs are premised on functionality and performance under adverse conditions.

In 2002, Magpul received its first formal military order, delivering 100 M93 rifle stocks to the Marine Corps, and in 2006 Magpul’s reputation was solidified in the public consciousness when Magpul accessories were used by Tom Cruise and his team in Mission: Impossible III.

In 2009, Magpul introduced the EMAG export magazine, and in 2010 the British Armed Forces placed an order of 1 million EMAGs for use in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Boasting a military pedigree and battle-tested reputation for reliability under duress, Magpul products are a favorite of soldiers and civilians alike, and GrabAGun offers a generous selection of high quality Magpul firearm accessories.