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The world’s largest producer of the 1911 handgun

History of Kimber

Father and son duo Jack and Greg Warne founded Kimber of Oregon in 1979. The pair had recently moved to Oregon in 1968 after they sold their Australian company, Sporting Arms (Sportco), which they founded shortly after World War 2. Kimber of Oregon saw financial struggles and ownership changes between the late 1980s and mid-1990s, but Greg Warne returned in the mid-1990s to revive his and his father’s legacy. Partnering with Les Edelman, who owned Nationwide Sports Distributors, Greg Warne helped grow the business and create a solid foundation for the future. Now known as Kimber of America, the corporation grew quickly following Warne and Edelman’s partnership. Edelman acquired the majority of Kimber soon after, and he sought to meet the demand for fine sporting firearms that matched the quality of classic, golden-age American gun making.

The measure of Kimber’s success is quality products and customer satisfaction. As the world’s largest producer of the 1911 handgun, Kimber never compromises on features, materials, or performance. Shooters around the world trust Kimber, whose firearms have been used by organizations such as the USA Shooting Team, LAPD, SWAT, United States Marines assigned to Special Operations Command, and more. Known as America’s leading manufacturer of premium production firearms, Kimber continually provides quality, reliability, and paramount success.

Kimber Guns for Sale

Experience quality and power with every shot in Kimber’s superior firearms. Visit GrabAGun and shop our complete collection of Kimber firearms and accessories, including its trusted 1911 handgun, revolvers, and more:

Kimber's 1911 Handgun

Upon its release, the Stainless II made the top ten list for best-selling semi-automatic handguns. This 1911 handgun uses a time-tested, classic design but boasts modern-day features and upgrades. Take, for example, the Stainless II’s full-length guide rod, which improves balance and recoil management, along with its stainless steel construction for corrosion and rust resistance. Then there are the rosewood checkered grips for enhanced control and style. Featuring accuracy, dependability, and longevity, the Stainless II is the standard to which all other 1911s compare.

A fantastic choice for any marksman or shooting enthusiast is the Kimber Custom II (Two-Toned). This 45 handgun is machined for match-grade precision with a superior design and countless features. Experience greater reliability with the full-length steel guide rod, a precise and quick pull with the aluminum trigger, and smoother cycling with the smooth slide-to-frame fit. GrabAGun carries an exclusive Custom II, which includes “Come and Take It” and “1776” engravings with detailed, beautiful scrollwork. Find it online only at GrabAGun, and get fast, flat-rate shipping!

The Kimber Micro 9 is designed for concealed carry, home protection, or those with a small grip. It has a mild recoil but enough energy to deliver power when you really need it. The Micro 9’s biggest advantage is the single-action trigger with a short, smooth pull, which delivers accuracy and confidence. Other features include a lowered and flared ejection port for immaculate handling, an aluminum frame built for integrity and strength, and heavy-duty steel sights. Find this 1911 handgun and more for the best prices online at GrabAGun!

The Custom TLE/RL II is Kimber’s best handgun for self-defense, duty carry, or tactical applications. In fact, this pistol is identical to firearms carried by the LAPD SWAT. The aggressively textured G-10 grip ensures confident control, while the heavy-duty steel construction delivers extreme weather and element resistance. Plus, the addition of a rail means that you can customize your experience and even add a tactical light. Don’t be caught unprepared—order the Custom TLE/RL II for the best price online from GrabAGun today.

The Kimber Revolver

Whether you’re looking for a backup gun, concealed carry, or an addition to your collection, the Kimber K6s revolver is there. It has unmatched performance and power, and the small two-inch barrel makes it easily concealable. With a smooth match-grade trigger, internal hammer and edges, and superior ergonomic design, the K6s will last a lifetime. Plus, the stainless steel construction means it has exceptional resistance to harsh elements. Make your next firearm count—score ease of use, reliability, and power all in one with the K6s revolver.

Kimber Magazines and Accessories

Kimber’s magazines and accessories have the same high-quality construction and durability as their firearms. Built to make your experience better, these OEM upgrades are guaranteed to feed, deliver, and function flawlessly with your favorite firearms. For your 45 handgun, GrabAGun carries the Kimber Kimpro Tac-Mag 45ACP SS 8Rd Custom, which gives shooters tons of customization and smooth feeding. If you’d like to add extra rounds and a more comfortable grip to your concealed carry, consider the Kimber Micro 9 Magazine with Grip Extension Stainless 9mm 7-Rounds. Whatever your choice, you can find the best gun deals online at GrabAGun!

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